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  1. Dano G.

    Trying to run aftermarket fog lights

    There’s a plug for the fog lights behind the passenger side headlight, you’ll need the fog light harness that runs from the plug to the lights
  2. Dano G.

    D1 SD rack

  3. Dano G.

    D1 SD rack

    D1SD rack in excellent condition no bend or rust with stainless hardware $750 picked up
  4. Dano G.

    Transmission core value?

    Most rebuilders charge a hefty core charge mostly due to a lack of cores... But I agree these trans should be serviced on a regular basis. I've replaced more than I can count but have have maintained ones goin over 250k
  5. Dano G.

    Go Pro Hero 3+

    Nah, I'd rather drive and let somebody else worry about the videos����
  6. Dano G.

    Go Pro Hero 3+

    Like new, in box. Used once. Comes with mounts, charger cord and books. Asking $250 b.o.
  7. Dano G.

    DI VSS wiring

    Give randy a call at British boneyard
  8. Dano G.

    Lr3 air suspension ecu

    Good used air suspension ecu # rqt500170 $250 plus shipping
  9. Dano G.

    Lr3 front bumper

    Front bumper off an 05 with the re-bar, silver, trim was painted to match and has some peeling paint and a couple fixable scrapes, Non park sensor $100 B.o. Prefere pick up or rurr...
  10. Dano G.

    DII taillights

  11. Dano G.

    DII taillights

    Yes these are the 99-02 style without the amber turn signal lense
  12. Dano G.

    DII front wheel bearing

  13. Dano G.

    Steering gearbox

    And... Bump
  14. Dano G.

    DII taillights

  15. Dano G.

    Off road bits F/S

    Does this mean the blue trucks no longer with us?
  16. Dano G.

    RRC ABS pump

    Never mind all I have left are p38's... Sorry
  17. Dano G.

    RRC ABS pump

    Jeff I have a few on the shelf I'll check the #'s and let you know...
  18. Dano G.

    PSP and ground cable

    I have a min zf pump minus the hub for $200...
  19. Dano G.

    Steel wheels for Disco II

    There's a guy selling a set of 4 Steelies on Scranton craigslist for $50...