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    99 D2 coolant in Cylinder 5, P0305.

    99D2. 162K. Backstory. Thermostat on my OO D2 went out, left me stranded 35 miles from the house. I call my Son (99 D2) to bring me a new, thermostat from the local auto parts store. 15 minutes later, we're on the interstate home, and weird as it sounds, his thermostat goes out on the way...
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    LR3 LR4 rear cargo cover compatibility

    Hope this is an easy question; are the lR3 and LR4 cargo covers one in the same? thanks in advance, mv
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    99 D2 rearview mirror replacement two wire version

    My Son's 99 D2 has an auto dimming rearview I want to replace with a D2 auto dim/compass. I have searched, and found numerous posts on D1/D2 wiring matching BUT my 99 only has two wires, black and gray. D2 has three wires. Anybody know what each one is for? thanks, mv
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    Front Cover crank gasket removal w/o pulling the front cover?

    99 D2 Well damn, I just finished oil pump gears and timing chain, new gaskets all around, and the crank gasket in the front cover leaks like a sieve. When I replaced it, it went in easy, and sits flush and even in the cover. Wondering if I used the wrong one from my spares, maybe a...
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    Is LR3 brake pad sensor a wear out part?

    Are you supposed to replace the brake pad wear sensors with every pad change? Thanks in advance all, mv
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    99 D2, Too Lean Bank 1,2 FIXED

    Problem was fuel injectors not fully seated after new head gaskets. 99 D2, Just finished head gaskets, and am getting a Too Lean codes bank 1,2. I used the Rave torque specs for every bolt I’m thinking I need to check to see if I have all the fuel injectors are fully seated; there is no fuel...
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    FIX Update: LR3 Suspension fault C1 A1 3-64 Pressure doe not decrease when venting gallery

    Thanks in advance for your input. Wife's LR3 has a suspension fault C1 A1 3-64; Pressure doe not decrease when venting gallery. Valve blocks? Pilot Exhaust Valve? or Reservoir Valve Block? I could also use a good pdf download of the repair manual as well. mv UPDATE - FIX. Rebuilt/repacked...
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    Replace Timing Chain only? or Chain and Crank/Cam gears?

    00 DII, 216K. Ive got a tiny leak in the front cover gasket and am thinking to replace the timing chain while in there. Its been awhile since Ive done one, and remember thinking last time I replaced the gears with the chain, I had thought 'whats the use?' given no apparent wear/damage to the...
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    Bosch OBDII 1350 ABS?? answer found, no.

    never mind, it will not, answer found, thanks, mods, plz delete Found one sitting in a local pawnshop, would like to know/confirm that a Bosch OBDII 1350 will do LR DII and LR3 ABS codes, and possibly power bleed. I think its a rebadged MacTools reader given cursory check of the...
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    DIY LR3 door lock latch sensor ajar repair

    has anybody attempted a DIY Door Ajar sensor repair in LR door latch? I've found one, two videos showing the latch assy. opened up, but no stills showing the sensor/micro switch. roverparts out of stock till late next week, thinking of using the time to garage it and pull the door...
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    D2 factroy rear bumper

    DII factory rear bumper in great shape, scratches, no cracks. Free Alabama/Georgia trail dirt included free. $150, I'll crate it up, you pay actual shipping.
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    1994 NAS D90 on CL

    The seller is friend/fellow Soldier who is son of the owner of the now, out of business/retired, Tennessee Land Rover specialty shop that was a go to parts supplier for Series trucks back in the 70s and 80s. Everything is included in the sale to make the truck stock...
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    LR3 Radio Button spring fix

    08 LR3 with a missing radio button spring CD player forward button spring gone. anybody here pull the radio and fix themselves? appreciate any tips, tricks, resources, etc. mv
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    Olive :: 2008 Land Rover LR3

    Gertrude :: 2008 Land Rover LR3 (2016-09-06 11:13:52)
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    12v outlets blowing fuses

    Good Morning, My googlefu is weak today; cant find any possible answers/solutions. My 08 LR3 keeps blowing 12v outlet fuses. the cigarette lighter outlet works fine. We've used the same accessories in both outlets before the problem started. Anybody know of any known, previously...
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    Need help diagnosing a front end noise and vibration.

    Need help diagnosing a front end noise and vibration. There is a more or less constant "thrumming" sound (accompanied by a subtle vibration) while driving (begins around 25mph). It sounds as though it's coming from the passenger front corner. Also, the "thrumming" sound gets much worse when...
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    ID a water pump gasket

    Who makes that black/orange composite gasket water pump gasket? Got one couple years ago from Advance Auto but their counterperson says discontinued. Have had great service from which ever one it is. Just not confident in the plain ol paper gaskets. Covered the last one I used with a thin...
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    Guinness :: 2000 Land Rover Discovery II

    Guinness :: 2000 Land Rover Discovery II (2015-04-24 20:37:52)
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    Super Fast DII, paging Dweb member Mbrummal

    Saturday night, Montgomery AL, lifted, oufitted DII, turning off of Atlanta Hwy onto Northern Blvd south, then onto I-85 west. Hauling ass like a bat out hell. Took off the line at the light like a dragster. Loud as hell too. I was amazed how fast, quickly that truck moved. Wow...
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    AC refridgerant line at bulkhead O ring or gasket?

    my searchfu fails me, and the workshop manual doesnt specify. Where the AC high/low refridgerant lines bolt to the evaporator at the bulkhead, is there O rings or a gasket? thanks in advance,