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    Disco 95 - Manual Transmission - Hard to Shift into 1st and Reverse

    I must plead ignorance. I know what I know about transmissions but not much more. It’s the one component that I usually take to a professional to have rebuilt. It would be my guess that the synchros are always working to keep the gears meshing. Even if both the input and the output shafts are...
  2. 4Runner

    Disco 95 - Manual Transmission - Hard to Shift into 1st and Reverse

    Could be your synchro’s. If your clutch is working for the other gears or let’s you put it in a different gear while stopped, then it’s your synchros in the transmission. Try moving the vehicle by bumping it in second and then selecting first or reverse. If you have trouble getting it into any...
  3. 4Runner

    Welcome to the new DiscoWeb

    The site looks great. Thank you for all your hard work. Forgive my ignorance but is there a place to donate to this site. Again sorry for not really thinking about that part of the site. This site has been great for helping me with my addiction. Lol.
  4. 4Runner

    who's the clown

    I saw one of those. I think they caught it on fire and drove it off a dock and various other terrible things. I will say that it got me home which was great. Mine was not a diesel or a 5 speed so it wasn’t as durable as the one in the Topgear episodes. Honestly, water crossing more than 2’ deep...
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    who's the clown

    I had a stock height 87 Toyota pick up and was driving back to my house in Tarpon Spring Fl when the “no name” storm hit and I suddenly had the Gulf of Mexico up to my side view mirrors. I made it home with the back floating from time to time but the motor was toast when I finally shut it off...
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    who's the clown

    If only he had a snorkel kit he could have kept going.
  7. 4Runner

    1997 Discovery SD 5-speed - Portland, OR

    Upon looking at your ad, someone is going to have a great Rover. Good luck on the sale.
  8. 4Runner

    1997 Discovery SD 5-speed - Portland, OR

    ? You can fit 5 kids and two adults in mine. Oops, somehow the dog squeezes in there too. How many kids do you have? Lol if you have to do a minivan than do a Delica.
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    Maglite is the Worst Flashlight on the Market

    I call Mag-Lites “ Lucas lights “ in my house. I depend on my flashlight most everyday for work and have had the best luck with Fenix products. Typically I have found that you need spend between 50 and 100 dollars ( no matter which brand ) to get one that’s going to be there when you need it. I...
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    Damn Throttle Body Pre-Heater Gasket Again

    Just a thought, but I would bring my favorite welding buddy a bottle of something good and let him weld the plate on and then not worry about it till the pipes rot off which should take awhile if you are giving your Rover the loving it deserves. No more changing the gasket and you can keep your...
  11. 4Runner

    Refreshing Parts

    I have done the EBC rotors and pads and am happy. Have used those on other cars as well with good results.
  12. 4Runner

    Testing fuel pressure on a Rover V8 with accessible fuel pressure test port

    I just found fuel rails with the schrader fitting and swapped them out.
  13. 4Runner

    Calling all blossoming weed farmers

    There might be some advantages in sand but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never driven a 6x6. Buy knowing what I know, the 6x6 thing is a hard sale whether a Jeep, Mercedes, or a Rover. Can we put tracks on your off road centipede or do you think that will be too much.
  14. 4Runner

    very strange issue....

    Have you checked your wiring and connection for your crank sensor? That would be worth the time. How long does your fuel rail hold pressure after you turn the engine off. How much cranking are you doing to prime the system. I know this is broad but how are your electrical connections, battery...
  15. 4Runner

    LED headlights for D1?

    I don?t know why people hate LED lights. Yes some people by ones that just throw light everywhere and I hate that as much as anyone else but there are great bulbs out there. If you did a search then you saw the quick pics of the LEDs in Bosch lenses for a classic. Not sure if I would use that...
  16. 4Runner

    D1 steering mystery

    Thanks for the follow up. Boy when mine when out the steering was downright scary when going down rutted roads. Mine bushings didn’t really look bad but I changed them out of desperation to make it drive the way it should. After that I changed all the bushings everywhere. I usually adjusted/...
  17. 4Runner

    LED headlights for 2004 Land Rover discovery

    You can try these. You will be happy and the people driving towards you will be happy.
  18. 4Runner

    using a v-belt 3.9 in a serp belt truck

    That was my experience during the conversion on a 4.2. I just needed to have the keyway lengthened and am using a longer key.
  19. 4Runner

    LWB for sale on the Seattle CL

    It?s not mine. There looks to also be a low mileage 98 D1 for sale on the CL too.
  20. 4Runner

    Need advice on purchase

    $900.00. Worst case scenario, it turns into a pile and you part it out for what you’ve got in it and probably more. Just a thought. Buying a car whether 1k or 50k is always a crap shoot.