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  1. jim-00-4.6


    oh dear. That new defender better be amazing. JLR bankruptcy
  2. jim-00-4.6

    Not a Disco but pretty damn cool

    Whatever. I bet it doesn't park itself. And there's probably no app to fold down the rear seats.
  3. jim-00-4.6

    Welcome to the new DiscoWeb

    "well known member"? wow. all nice & stuff. what happened to "know it all asshat" & stuff like that? :)
  4. jim-00-4.6

    What do I need to know about LR3/4's?

    Do you have so much extra soul that you can own a soul-sucking camry? You will become a shadow of a man; pale, gaunt, and ill-defined, until you eventually exist only as another automaton.
  5. jim-00-4.6

    What do I need to know about LR3/4's?

    You would think that. But what you SHOULD think is the manufacturer gives zero fucks about you, and is only interested in maintaining a revenue stream to their dealers. Jaguar got rid of the oil drain plug several years ago, requiring a suction tube down the dipstick pipe to extract the oil...
  6. jim-00-4.6

    2020 Defender

    Is her name Dinah? Is Garrett strumming on the ole banjo? Whatever. Just so there's pie.
  7. jim-00-4.6


    Winner of the internets.
  8. jim-00-4.6

    No more bumpstocks

    Sometimes I catch the paper, and then I shuffle it.
  9. jim-00-4.6

    No more bumpstocks

    So you're going to stop eating steak 10 feet from a starving child?
  10. jim-00-4.6

    Getting in Neutral

    That's true, but his wife seems to prefer doggy-style, with some hair-pulling, and telling her she's "a BAD girl".
  11. jim-00-4.6

    No more bumpstocks

    They make it easier for your gun to go off on its own and indiscriminately kill a bunch of people. Guns are bad, mm-kay?
  12. jim-00-4.6

    Patent Search

    I already did! Ha!
  13. jim-00-4.6

    Patent Search

    Don't bother with the chinese patent; they'll just steal your shit anyways.
  14. jim-00-4.6

    Patent Search

    It's an extra step, but you can get a "provisional patent", which makes the "patent pending" thing legit for a year. Only around $300. USPTO does NOT do the exhaustive investigation for this, it's simply a way to get your idea on the list, because as I'm sure you're aware, it's all about date of...
  15. jim-00-4.6

    Jeep Gladiator Pickup

    What's the problem? The kids in the back seat were fucked, obviously. Airbags did their air bag thing. Seat belts worked. Wipers got pretty fucked up, though.
  16. jim-00-4.6

    Jeep Gladiator Pickup

    It's a pickup, an American icon. It's a Jeep, an American icon (owned by FixItAgainTony, but most folks overlook that) Slightly more capable, it'll kick ass at the mall, also an American icon. Merica! Fuck yeah! I think they'll sell well.
  17. jim-00-4.6

    04 Disco, looking for feedback on value?

    My useless 2 cents... I would NEVER buy a truck with modifications. It's either been beaten to hell and back off road, or it's a poseur mobile. The poseur truck would "probably" be mechanically ok. But those jacknuts tend to also fuck with shit they don't understand. For me, stock is the ticket.
  18. jim-00-4.6

    Coolant System Flush

    I made up a radiator drain plug to garden hose connection, using a piece of clear tubing. That way I could see what was running out. And of course just let the coolant drain into the street. /sarc
  19. jim-00-4.6

    Jeep Gladiator Pickup

    Which also explains my choices in books & movies. I don't watch tv. When I'm not working, or pissing people off here, I read or watch a movie. I've got the "not watch tv" to the same level as jazz music; after a couple minutes, I filter it out. Crawl in bed at night, I read. My wife turns on the...
  20. jim-00-4.6

    Jeep Gladiator Pickup

    Those 2 were just about the last video games I've ever played. my son has several gaming platforms. I liked the driving game on the ps1 or 2 or whatever from 15 years ago. I tried to play a FPS game with him, but I just wasn't down with "press x to duck, y to shoot, z to jerk off, up arrow to...