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    tow hook damaged during shipping

    So, the trucker that carried my vehicle from Florida to Virginia damaged it during shipping. I haven't looked closely, but the tow hook sure is bent. He managed to get the tow hook pointing straight at the ground. Anyone know if they're bolt on? I'm hoping it's not too tough of a fix.
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    2004 D2 83K miles Java Black

    My neighbor is going to sell her 2004 D2 finished in Java with only 83K miles. The car has a coolant leak somewhere up top, needs work done to the rear passenger door handle, needs one window regulator, and that is about all I know. Its a clean car overall. She hasn't set a price, but it will...
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    '97 Vitesse :: 1997 Land Rover Range Rover P38

    '97 Vitesse :: 1997 Land Rover Range Rover P38 (2016-01-17 21:36:29)
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    D1 Safety Devices Rack

    Taller model in good shape. Also have a ladder that was never used. All hardware for the rack, but missing the ladder hardware. Price lowered to $575! local pick up in Alexandria, Va.
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    Here it is...D2,Rovertym,Ace,ARB,19",SD Rack, Hella, warranty

    I am leaving the country in two weeks and need to sell my truck before I go. Sad to do it, but must. Its a 1999 D2 with Ace, Third Row Seats, Heated Windshield, Heated Seats, Headlight Washers, etc. It has an extended warrant which just covered the Transfer Case bearing and reseal, coolant...
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    FS: 1999 D2 ARB,Rovertym,OME,Warn,Hella, etc.

    1999 D2 for sale with 91K miles. New Brake Pads and few sensors along with a fresh VA safety inspection. ARB Bull Bar, Warn Winch, 19" Range Rover Wheels, Rovertym front springs and rear spacers for SLS. OME shocks also installed. Safety Devices Rack, dual sunroof, heated windscreen, etc...
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    1999 D2 fully loaded Alexandria VA

    1999 D2 with all factory options and 85K miles. 19" Range Rover Wheels, ARB Bull Bar bumper with Warn Winch. Bumper and Winch are new! Rovertym Springs, Rear SLS Spacers. Shocks are all new. Front Cover is new. Hella Driving Lights and other items are included. Vehicle is finished in Gold...
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    Driveshaft Help!!!

    I am going through my third driveshaft on my '99 D2. I have Rovertym Springs on the front, and SLS Spacers on the back. My mechanic claims the lift must be causing this, but I seriously doubt it. Does anyone else know what could cause this? If i jolt left or right, I hear a pop noise. Is...
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    Truetrac Diff DII

    I have a Truetrac Diff for a DII. I ordered it a few months back from Expedition Exchange. I still have the receipt. Its never been installed. Anyone interested? I would like to get something near the price I paid. It cost me about $500 plus shipping. Make me an offer. John
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    1999 D2 W/ Many Upgrades

    I have lowered the selling price of my D2. I need to sell it this week. $9,000 obo. There is a post with pics and a description on the next page. John
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    1999 D2 ARB, Warn, Etc.

    1999 D2 with 80K Miles. Upgrades include Hella 4000 Safari Lights wired to factory switch, ARB Bull Bar with Warn 9000 Winch. ARB is finished in gold with facotry paint to match vehicle exterior. Vehicle is fully loaded inlcuding ACE, SLS, and heated windscreen. 2" Rovertym SLS Spacers are...
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    03-04 TJM bumper on '99 D2...will this work????

    Please help me! I am trying to figure out if a TJM bull bar bumper designed for an 03-04 disco 2 with round fog light cut outs will work on my '99 D2? I have the ability to change the grille to the newer grille if neccesary. Anyone know if this will work??? Thanx. John :confused:
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    Rover Service in NOVA

    Hey everyone, Some friends of mine just opened a shop on Eisenhower Ave in Alexandria. They have great some great techs and a really nice shop! I know many of the techs from dropping serious money at the Land Rover Alexandria for service. Anyway, check the spot out...these guys have some...
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    Land Rover North America is BS

    This is a great place for me to vent! So, the rear passenger side of my Disco II had the shock mount rip out of the frame. This was not due to off road use as you can imagine. I had the Land Rover Techs look at it and they said it was a manufacturing defect. They had never seen anything like...