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  1. rover rob

    D1 Fan clutches

    i just installed one from Atlantic British and it was a borg warner its a little bit loud at start up but its working better than expected. i have a flowkooler on order but haven't received it yet.
  2. rover rob

    Is anyone making good bumpers anymore?

    not sure what its worth, but let me know if you figure out how much you want. I love them even though they weigh a ton.
  3. rover rob

    Not Mine - But thought it was crazy so sharing

    and it looks like the stock steel wheels they used for spares with a bead lock kit attached.
  4. rover rob

    NEW Tire Inflator or Air Compressor 150PSI 150LPM $20 Plus Shipping

    Kennith received mine yesterday in good condition. I haven't tested it yet but it does work. Great deal. Can't wait to use it. Thanks again.
  5. rover rob

    NEW Tire Inflator or Air Compressor 150PSI 150LPM $20 Plus Shipping

    Email me direct kennith. I need your info
  6. rover rob

    Help Figuring out what brand drag link

    the bracket is to adapt to a defender style steering dampener. the bracket bolts to the jate ring mount on the left in the second picture. I have no clue what make though.
  7. rover rob

    Patent Search

    good luck
  8. rover rob

    Goodyear M/T 235/85R16 tires & Disco ! wheels

    you missed it. I bought the tires and a really nice d1 off of joe. the tires are in great shape and it was a pleasure dealing with him.
  9. rover rob

    1998 Discovery 1 FS in NH

    email sent
  10. rover rob

    Rear view mirror

    when I had my windshield replaced on my d1 the windshield already had the metal tab on the new one. I never thought to ask for the old one back.
  11. rover rob

    1999 Discovery 1

    pm sent
  12. rover rob

    Roof - Water Leak (no sunroofs)

    it could be leaking from the roof rack rails. they bolt through the roof and if the seals are shot it will leak. my no sunroof d1 did that.
  13. rover rob

    How would I mount this mesh under the hood?

    im just wondering why you would want to do this in the first place.
  14. rover rob

    Rollover 97 Defender at COPart Seattle

    those work well for a code reading that the cats are bad. it offsets the oxy sensors just out of the exhaust stream to change the reading.
  15. rover rob

    ISO: 1998 Discovery fuel pump assembly

    call will tillery he will have one
  16. rover rob

    Reset adaptive values

    thank you so much for this. just downloaded the app. cant wait to try it.
  17. rover rob

    Live data reader interpretation

    thanks for the link to that app. I downloaded the app and should have my Bluetooth reader today. just what I was looking for.
  18. rover rob

    Favorite 'local' restaurants

    im about 2 hrs away from there. thanks for the info im going to have to check it out.