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  1. squirt

    Fuel Tank won't fill

    Are you sure the gauge is accurate? Have you tried filling with the pump upside-down?
  2. squirt

    Freeon leak under dash

    Back to the questions at hand - 1) The dash can be removed and reinstalled, there is guidance available here and elsewhere (RAVE for example). It's annoying, but doable. I've had one out and back in within a single day on my own, and I'm no professional. There is no youtube video showing...
  3. squirt

    D2 lower engine noise ?

    Are you absolutely certain that it's not an exhaust leak at a manifold gasket? It's a common issue, and sounds very similar.
  4. squirt

    D2 lower engine noise ?

    Post a video of the sound.
  5. squirt


    I've used airsoft beads for the last ~10 years. Works perfectly for me.
  6. squirt

    FS: 1994 Discovery SE7 160k miles, no rust, service history

    Given that it was a California truck, the paint flaking on the hood/roof and defroster cracking is much better than most I've seen of this age. Must have been garaged for a good part of its life.
  7. squirt

    New noise with new rear axle

    Yep, check ring/pinion backlash. Pinion bearing may also be the issue, though I suspect you did a cursory inspection before installing the new axle.
  8. squirt

    ID-ing OME kit

    What are the hub-to-fender measurements at all 4 corners? There are a million measurements in the archives on dweb for a baseline. You can definitely replace shocks and springs at different times if that fits your budget. Based on the pictures and your description, it seems like the truck...
  9. squirt

    2002 or 2003 disco

    Having owned both, I would say that they are basically equivalent. The 2003 is a bit more modern with minor details like gauge cluster/interior colors, headlights, front bumper, etc. 4.6 vs 4.0 doesn't really matter. They're both under-powered dogs that leak oil everywhere.
  10. squirt

    Someone help diagnosing this squeak...

    If you think it's one of the manifold gaskets, you should be able to use a short piece of tubing on your ear and detect which exhaust port is causing the noise. If your stethoscope is like mine, it terminates in a solid rod and is most useful for ticking or vibrating noises. Another...
  11. squirt

    1? D1 coil spacers

    I've used slices of 4" OD aluminum rod in the past several times. I don't think 4.5" would fit under the hats very well with the radius at the top. FYI for reference -
  12. squirt

    D2 misfire on 1,3, and 5

    So what's the question here? Are you asking for advice on what to do? It sounds like your issue is isolated to bank 1. Since you're already suspecting bank 1 O2 sensor (and apparently don't want to spend any money), I'd suggest swapping the upstream O2 sensors side-to-side. Then drive for a...
  13. squirt

    Winch mount

    I think you made your own argument against having the mount portable. The sacrifices in strength, durability, and positioning far outweigh the rare convenience of having a rear winch. Much like yourself, the number of times I wish I could pull from the rear of my vehicle are very few. And in...
  14. squirt

    Bottorf Front Bumper Value?

    He built the one I ordered to have more of an ARB-style brush guard with plate center supports and bigger tubing. I also omitted the D-rings for 2" receiver tubes that I used to hold shackle mounts most of the time, and for a drop hitch receiver occasionally to move my trailers around. I was...
  15. squirt

    Bottorf Front Bumper Value?

    Probably about $200-250. Advertise it as unknown manufacturer instead of Bottorf, and you'll get about $100 more. I had him make a front bumper and sliders for me back in the day. The build quality was good on my parts, but maybe that was before demand increased and things went to shit.
  16. squirt

    LT230 - Quality US Vendor?

    Can choose from their wide array of spring spacers and lug-centric wheel spacers while you're at it.
  17. squirt

    WTT Third Members w/ Stock Gears

    I see you've already solved the problem, but why not set up the gears yourself? I've always done my own with a magnetic digital indicator that I bought at Harbor Freight for about 30 bucks. There's no magic in the process.
  18. squirt

    Compression test results, how bad?

    Those compression numbers seem a bit wonky in general. Not only do you have a wide range, but the numbers over 200 seem unusually high. (granted gauges can vary and the comparison between cyls is more critical)
  19. squirt

    *&^%$#! Rust

    If it's just an off road vehicle, either cut out the rust and put in some basic patches, or else just run it as is. It clearly wasn't bothering you until you dug into it.
  20. squirt

    Persistent P0308 Code Under Load

    OK, 2 1/2 years(and 15k miles) later, I'm back to trying to figure this out. I can drive the thing for months without a hiccup as long as I keep it under 3k RPM, but as soon as I cross that threshold I get a flashing CEL for P0308. I've taken the valve cover off and observed the rocker arms...