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  1. rover rob

    happy holidays

    merry Christmas and happy holidays you filthy animals. I mean that with the utmost respect.:patriot:
  2. rover rob

    marker light relay ?

    Does anybody know if there is a relay for the running lights ? I have power to all other lights headlights, blinkers brakelights all function fine. the lighting stalk has been replaced , all bulbs are fine and test out with a power probe. during testing I found I have no power going into the 2...
  3. rover rob

    97 Land Rover D1

    97 Land Rover D1 (2017-08-29 18:57:18)
  4. rover rob

    ecm interchangability

    I need a new ecm for my d1 it has part # err6738 I found someone who has one with part # err6759 would this work with a reflash ? he also has one for a 98 with the part # starting with mkc he said this one has the security mod. does anybody know if I could use any of those?
  5. rover rob

    non AEL fuel pump in a AEL truck

    im trying to figure out a non start problem with a 97 d1. after getting the access panel off I noticed that the fuel pump that's in there only has one harness being used. theres a extra plug and vent line just sitting on top of the tank. I know its a ael truck because of the square charcoal...
  6. rover rob

    No start have a question

    I have a 97 d1 . When I turned the key to on a relay was clicking like crazy. At first it wouldn't crank but after a few seconds it cranked but wouldn't start. I switched relay with same results. Any ideas ? I hope it's not the fuel pump because I have advanced evap so it's the expensive one...