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  1. mikemeyer0

    T-Case & 3rd Member 98 D1 Needed.

    Need good T-Case, and Third Member for a 98 D1 Good shape, but Cheap as possible, I am broke :ack: Shipped to 89123 Thanks! EDIT: Post or PM Price. Ill come pick up if its close to Las Vegas, NV
  2. mikemeyer0

    Radio Code???

    Can someone get me a code for the radio with my VIN? I am having trouble getting the dealer here to give me one. Its my rover that I just sold to a buddy and we are putting a new battery in tomorrow and I know I am going to need the code. I had it written down somewhere but cant find it it...
  3. mikemeyer0

    Ignition switch with key and drivers door lock cyl.

    Needed. Anyone have that?Thanks. Someone PM'd me with one and I deleted my PMs awhile back.....
  4. mikemeyer0

    98 D1

    $2,000 Las Vegas.
  5. mikemeyer0

    Jeep Rubicon Wheels (yea, yea I know)

    I have this set (5) of wheels I gotta get rid of sitting here. There the 16" Moab wheels off a Rubicon. They are in great shape with valve stems. I'd take $400 for all 5 just to get them gone. Mike. Sorry for the Jeep post :victory:
  6. mikemeyer0

    Long lost member

    LOL. Hey guys, I've been off the site awhile. I am stopping by, gotta sell the rover. No time for it. Thought I'd say hi to all the old members that may remember me. theres a chance I'll be more active again. :D
  7. mikemeyer0

    1998 Disco Wift and other goodies

    Hey guys, I have been off here awhile lol. Anyway I am selling the disco. Has 2" Big Blues 2" spacers Pro comp 9000s New Steel wheels from trek Outfitters (including spare) Almost new BFG M/Ts (including spare) HD tie rod and drag link Steering Stablizer Re-located on HD tie rod sewer cap diff...
  8. mikemeyer0

    Someone e-maild me this, do any of you guys know what it might be? (LR related)

    I have a 96 Land Rover Dicovery with a 4.0L automatic with A/C. My problem is it will die when driving some times and won't re start, the fuel gauge on the injector rail says it has 40 psi while cranking, there is no injector pulse (Noid light) or spark to the plugs (spark plug tester) when...
  9. mikemeyer0

    Need some T-case help please....Please....

    Ok, so I looked under there and the linkages look ok, all hooked up. Little muddy though. Anyway, I can't get it to go into high or low, just stuck in Neturel. I can move it left and right to lock and unlock. If I put transmission in drive/reverse and push hard on CDL it will make a slight...
  10. mikemeyer0

    Investment help...

    So any tips on what to do with about 50k? Prolly be about a month but I want a good safe return on it in 6 months to a year....
  11. mikemeyer0

    Help Needed Bad..T-Case, Transmission, or What? Also may need t-case and transmission

    So over the last 3-4 days I noticed a little whine accelerating. Sounded like from the transmission or t-case, nothing bad, just a slight whine. Well tonight driving down the freeway, all of a sudden it over revs like I hit neutral. I so, I pull over and select D,1,2,3 and reverse, nothing...
  12. mikemeyer0

    Anyone in Las Vegas?

    I'm 25 and just moved here 3 weeks ago, don't know hardly anyone here. Anyone on here ever go out or do anything or just stay in the A/C. I see a lot of rovers, only seen 1 with a lift. Where do you guys wheel around here.
  13. mikemeyer0

    What do you think....? (New wheels, tint.)

    Look good or what? Yes I do take it off road a lot (i have some good Moab pics where I beat the hell out of it), NO its not a mall crawler. Yes those are big blues, which will be replaced with OME or RTE asap....
  14. mikemeyer0

    Posting from my iPhone

    pretty nice seems like a good phone. Sucks without wi-fi. Overall Im happy with it. Anyone else using one? Also it wont let me save pics from the net :(
  15. mikemeyer0

    Don't drive without registration

    So my plates expired last day of 5/07. I am moving to another state this week, figure it would be no big deal to just run with expired plates. ( I only drive it once maybe twice a week right now) until I get to new state and then deal with it all then. Well saturday night was one of the nights i...
  16. mikemeyer0

    Question about key code

    So i called Land Rover and they got me my key code. it was 6 # digits. All the lock smiths and even the dealership here (not land rover) said it was not a good code. They said it should be 4 digits and may start with an E. Any Ideas?
  17. mikemeyer0

    question about alarm on my disco. (lost keys)

    If I get my door open and the horn starts honking, will starting the truck stop the horn? Will it even start?
  18. mikemeyer0

    Nitro R/C guys.... (T-maxx)

    You have 39 minutes. what the hell there was a bunch of people interested when I was talking about selling it, now nobody wants it?
  19. mikemeyer0

    (5) - D1 Alloy Wheels for sale (Boost)

    5 - D1 alloy wheels in good condition. Includes Lug nuts. All must go together. There coming off my D1 next week. They will be shipped very clean.
  20. mikemeyer0

    Stock People

    Whats your take on buying a little DIS (Walt Disney)?