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  1. squirt

    1999-2003 D2 Roof Rack Extensions

    Yes, these are the obsolete and hard-to-find extensions for your factory rails to create a full-length low-profile rack. If you're interested, you probably already know what they are, but I'm including a couple of web photos as reference. They're in good, used condition with normal wear...
  2. squirt

    Did you lose some D2 parts at Cleghorn?

    I went to Cleghorn Ridge with a couple of friends this weekend, and it was a pretty good challenge for my D2 after the recent rains. Didn't take any of the bypasses, and only got hung up with the rear axle on a boulder once. Learned that I really need retainers or relocation cones in the rear...
  3. squirt

    D2 Parts For Sale

    I've got some spare D2 parts in the garage that I'm willing to part with. All prices include shipping in the US. Pair of beige cupholders (the big ones) $45 Left/Right 2003-04 D2/LR3/Range Rover Sport fog lights(good used condition, all tabs intact) $50 each Pair of OEM D2...
  4. squirt

    Persistent P0308 Code Under Load

    I've recently picked up a 2003 D2 to wrench on, and it's got a very frustrating misfire on cylinder #8. It only misfires at high RPM under heavy load. (kickdown while climbing an offramp, for example) I can drive around for a week or more, as long as I keep it to about half throttle at max, no...
  5. squirt

    Looking for D2 Parts

    I just picked up an unmodified 2003 D2, and I'm looking to outfit it with the usual suspects. I though I'd ask here about used parts before I go shopping: -Winch bumper for the front -Steel rear bumper, preferably Greg Davis style with integrated hitch -Sliders -3" lift suspension (prefer OME...
  6. squirt

    FS: D2 Facelift 2003-04 Headlight Pigtails

    I sold my D2 about 2 years ago, but I was digging through some old boxes and found these. These pigtails will allow you to cleanly install the '03-04 D2 headlights on your earlier Disco. Just splice them into your harness, and plug them into the back of your new headlights. They each have...
  7. squirt

    D2 mods/parts

    I'm currently located in St Paul MN, but I'm moving soon and need to sell off these parts because I'm not moving them. I may also be selling my vehicle (Blue 2002 D2 / 120k). Here's an updated list. EMAIL ME FOR QUICKEST RESPONSE: 1)2003-04 Headlight plugs/pigtails to...
  8. squirt

    Wanted: 1999-2002 D2 Transfer Case Shifter/Linkage

    Yes, I want a complete NON-CDL cable linkage and shifter. No boot or knob necessary. I will pay up to $25 shipped to 55107. Let me know if you have one. You can email me at
  9. squirt

    '02 D2 cluster swap question...

    So my instrument cluster got damaged while I had the dash apart... (don't ask) I found a suitable replacement from a wrecked '00 D2 with similar mileage. Would this be a direct swap? Does the ECU need to be told to communicate with the new cluster? Any potential issues? I tried searching...
  10. squirt

    03-04 D2 headlight pigtails

    I've had several people say they had these, but nobody ever followed through. I'm looking for headlight pigtails for both sides of an '03-04 DII, shipped to 55107. Thanks!
  11. squirt

    Freestyle alloys - set of 5

    I'm looking to sell this set of 5 rims, as I no longer have a vehicle that they will fit. The style of wheel is called "Freestyle", and is most commonly seen on Defenders from the '90s. Please see the attached pictures. This set of rims will fit any Discovery I, Defender, or Range Rover Classic...
  12. squirt

    Wanted: 03-04 D2 headlight pigtails

    Like the subject line says... I'd like to pick up a pair of these for an upcoming conversion.
  13. squirt

    D1 Ignition switch w/ key

    - Sold
  14. squirt

    Discovery I Fuel Tank

    I've got a fuel tank from a '98 Discovery 1 that is removed, purged, and ready to ship. I'm sick of walking around it and would like it gone. This tank is dimensionally the same as previous iterations, but is designed without the maze of rubber hoses and plastic nipples on the top. Overall...
  15. squirt

    98 DI SE7 Partout