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  1. jymmiejamz

    Satellite Radio Interference/Cutting Out

    LR4s had an issue with the antenna that cause poor satellite radio reception. Replacing the antenna with the updated part should fix it.
  2. jymmiejamz

    Fuel Pump Leak Recall

    I don’t think I ever did that job under warranty, but it seems like a 45 min job at most with a lift (and not in the rust belt).
  3. jymmiejamz

    D1 Fan clutches

    Been down that road too, haha. The radiator shop here sucks. I had a good one in LA. The one here has given me a radiator back that leaked like a sieve.
  4. jymmiejamz

    D1 Fan clutches

    I’ve been down this road enough times with defenders that I’m going to go with what I know definitely works. My wife’s d1 has one of those aftermarket fan clutches that is locked up 90% of the time. I’m done with that.
  5. jymmiejamz

    D1 Fan clutches

    Just had my wife’s D1 run hot for the first time after idling for 10 minutes in near 100F weather. Hopefully Ron Davis Radiators makes a replacement for the D1 like they do for Defenders.
  6. jymmiejamz

    New D1 Inventory

    Just have to say, great nostalgic username
  7. jymmiejamz

    Disco 2 cooling mod results

    If it was running at normal temps until the winter, why do you think it is a badly designed cooling system? You probably just have an old radiator.
  8. jymmiejamz

    Brake upgrades for a D2

    The ebc pads and rotors I had on my first d2 were a downgrade in my opinion. I like Genuine pads and have no preference on rotors
  9. jymmiejamz

    Bleeding Brakes - no fluid out of both rear brake lines

    I’ve run into that a few times on Defenders.
  10. jymmiejamz

    New Place

    Congrats Stew!
  11. jymmiejamz

    Supercharged Disco 1?

    I guess time will tell. These are all new parts I’m using.
  12. jymmiejamz

    Supercharged Disco 1?

    My understanding is the ax15 is fine with a stock LS3. They do tell you not to upgrade the cam With that transmission.
  13. jymmiejamz

    Supercharged Disco 1?

    I don’t know why anyone would go through all that work and leave it a 4 speed transmission. I use a 6L80 or AX15 if the customer wants a manual. We’re redoing an LS swap another shop did with the NV4500. That shifts like crap in my opinion.
  14. jymmiejamz

    Supercharged Disco 1?

    Shame that’s it’s silver, it looks super clean.
  15. jymmiejamz

    Winch shackle, why?

    I like the yellow Excel hook.
  16. jymmiejamz

    Winch shackle, why?

    I'm not sure with a cable, but my experience has been that the thimble will collapse slightly on the shackle screw which makes it difficult to remove. If you have a gusseted tube thimble this is a nonissue.
  17. jymmiejamz

    DC/MD/VA Repair Shop Recommendation?

    +1 for Sarek. One is their techs was my mentor when I was an apprentice at Land Rover Richmond.
  18. jymmiejamz

    hydro assist

    I'm sure it is better, but it is simple and cheap to add hydro-assist without doing high steer on those axles since they are actually strong. The Toyotas I have seen rust even more than Rovers. Even in NYC, Rovers didn't have rust issues. After working as a mechanic Manhattan and Long Island...
  19. jymmiejamz

    Free, You Pay Shipping Thread

    I take them. Send me your Paypal or Venmo for shipping $$
  20. jymmiejamz

    hydro assist

    I had Toyota FZJ80 axles. No high steer though.