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    Replacement Radiator

    So last year I replaced the radiator that came with my Discovery (which was aftermarket) with this: Because every night when it froze it would leak. Never leaks in summer. Never leaks in Autumn. Leaks in winter. Pulled it and took it to a shop...
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    misfire code cycle

    Hey all, I'm curious about the misfire code cycle. Logic (at least mine) dictates if something misfires once, it should constantly misfire until whatever caused it is fixed. I threw a Cyl 5 misfire. Cleared it. Ran about 100 miles. It popped again. Changed the plug. It popped again. Plug is...
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    Will Tillery: WTF?

    I gave you my address for the parts at 6pm last night. The package was on my porch at noon today. Are you freaking magic? Great service!!! Thank you!
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    1996 D1 headset removal

    1996 D1 headrest removal Anyone know how to remove the headrest? The exmoor trim video is a different type I guess. M
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    Injector Replacement

    I'm going to replace all the fuel injectors on my 178k mile 1996 D1 with these: These are the Bosch...
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    rust convertor, proofing, etc

    My Disco is rust free, but I know there are some common areas prone to rust, and unfortunately the worst one (inside the wheelwell on the back passenger door frame at that crease) is the the one you can't see rusting until it's too far gone. I generally, every time I wash it, spray up inside...
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    Blue Ridge Event in WV 14-16 July

    Any of you guys going?
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    fuel pressure regulator remove/reinstall

    Does the Plenum chamber have to be removed to exchange the fuel pressure regulator on a 96 D1 Gems? It looks tight and the RAVE shows that the Plenum must be removed, but it seems like a hell of a lot of work to replace something that just has three hoses (and one of them a vacuum). Just...
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    adjustable fuel pressure regulator

    Anyone ever used one of these? Second question - are the ael and non-ael fuel pressure regulators the same? They look the same but prices vary greatly.
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    Left Rear Bumper Side Marker Bulb Holder

    So for inspection I need to have all present lights working, and the little rectangular light on the rear bumper (Driver's Side) has corroded apart. I could fiddle with the bulb and get it to flicker but then it went to shit. Anyone have one? Can't pass inspection without it. (Not talking about...
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    What is this black box?

    Inside passenger side, bolted to the body next to the relays. (The one with the yellow dot) It has a 7.5 fuse that is burned out. Edit: My endless searches for "black box" Black electrical box. Black electrical box passenger side ---- finally proved worthy when I added 7.5 fuse to my search...
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    Anti-Lock Light On

    I removed the fuse in the engine compartment months ago to disable the ABS. Brakes work fine. However I have to have my truck inspected in this stupid state and the inspection station wouldn't touch it with the light on. I forgot about the fuse until then so I went and put it back in, drove it...
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    Poor MPG follow on

    This is a follow up to some other threads here and on the other forum - from the Live Data Analysis, to the Gas Cap Venting, etc, etc. This thread is also over there but I'm looking at as wide a net as possible, because I'm stumped. Bottom line: Poor mpg in 1996 Land Rover Discovery. Initial...
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    buzzing/clicking under dash left side

    On the way to work this morning I noticed a clicking sound under the dash near the left footwell - it happens when I apply the brakes. The turn signals make a different sound than normal too (from that area). To be honest it sounds like some kind of old teletype machine or dot-matrix...
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    MAF Needed

    1996 Discovery. While continuing to track down poor MPG I'm going to replace the MAF if I can find one cheap enough. Mine isn't throwing any codes, but I'm down to bad MAF or bad 02 sensors and 02 sensors are pretty cheap. This one seems reasonable but no idea if it is OEM? From all I've...
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    Question about Check Engine light

    Does it appear as soon as there is a problem? Or is there a lag? Meaning, if a "cylinder misfire" code pops up does it mean it happened right at that moment, or some time in the past? Yesterday morning I had a "P1316 #E8 Misfire Excessive Emissions Fault" I have new plugs and wires. I did...
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    Cold Weather, knock, slow oil light

    My oil light takes up to 10 seconds to go off. I use Rotella 15/40, just changed this past weekend, with the big Mann/Purolator L40316 filter. 20k miles ago the previous owner put in new heads, timing chain, camshaft, lifters, etc. I would assume new oil pump gears at the same time. This...
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    Live Data analysis

    Where do I find out what are the correct ranges for all of this live data? Anyone give me a gauge on what this all means?
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    Iron man Awning : trade

    I have an iron man awning (no sides) that I'm not using. It's older and has some old mildew stains. Works. Attaches to a rack. Zipper is good. Probably not worth selling/shipping but if someone in the Morgantown/Pittsburgh area wants it and has something to trade let me know: Doesn't have to...
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    Diesel converted Disco 1 on BaT

    So who else is following that auction and wondering what the break even point would be to buy it and then rip that diesel plant and 5 speed out of that Rover and put it in your better one and then part out the rest?