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  1. logan_gibson

    1994 D1 Part out, with a few D2 things.

    Unfortunately some tweaker cut out the roof on this D1 I went to finalize the purchase on today. (Also drained the gas, stole the wheels, removed part of the front axle) So a parts vehicle it is. Engine has 136k, runs (for a few minutes as they also cut and drained the fuel). Floors seem to be...
  2. logan_gibson

    D1 weak spark cyl 2/3

    Issue popped up this morning on my way to work. Got home, checked the spark on the coil pack for cyl 2 and 3. Very weak, almost not there. All other packs are fine. Replaced that pack, same issue. Replaced all the packs, same issue. Replaced wires and plugs, same issue. Replaced ECU, issue...
  3. logan_gibson

    Southdown Front and Rear Axle Skids(SOLD)

    I have a front axle skid and rear diff skid for sale. Fits D1, RRC and defender I believe. Located in Alabama, 35907. Weight is about 47lbs, so say 50lbs if you want it shipped ( can send it UPS or USPS). $315 OBO plus shipping. Good shape, some scuffs but not deep. Front brackets and bolts are...
  4. logan_gibson

    Help Figuring out what brand drag link

    Picked this off of a disco I was parting out. Cant seem to find a similar one online, wondering if anyone here might can help. Photos of the bracket and the link attached. Looks very simple, two tabs welded to the link and then a bracket with the same tabs.
  5. logan_gibson

    D1/D2 Parts

    All prices OBO. Shipping not included, will be shipping from 35907. Not all parts are in the photos, I can get photos of the parts if needed. D1 Wiper arms, complete set with unbroken caps. $20 D1 Fog light switches (around bezel) - $10ea (2) D1 Auto Dim mirror, unbroken, no lights on bottom...
  6. logan_gibson

    Thule Cross Bars from D1

    Sold Removed from 96 D1, Fits 94-03 it seems. $80 obo, + shipping from 35907. Edit: Here is what I've been told the feet are.
  7. logan_gibson

    Used Brownchurch Roof

    SOLD Brownchurch roof rack, full size. 81x53x4. For a D1 or D2. Has mounts on front for lights. Slight bend in the top bar at the front. Rack has chipping powder coating, most of it has been chipped away and painted over. All gutter mounts are intact and have all of the hardware to mount...
  8. logan_gibson

    Oil Pressure Question

    I've got a 1998 Discovery, 197k. Previous owner ran it over the oil change by about 3k on 10w30 oil. Express oil change did the last change on it and used whatever their basic filters are(white). When I got the car (recently) I changed it with 15w40 and a Mobil1 Filter, before the change I ran...