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  1. sloanfiske

    2006 lr3 hse

    2006 LR3 HSE Tonga Green over Beige 7 pass with everything but adaptive headlights/cold box. No HD Full set of all weather mats including cargo. Mantec front skid plate 153k All of the big work that needs to get done at 100-150k was done by me in the last 10k miles. It was a highway...
  2. sloanfiske

    bolt on diff guard

    looking for a bolt on diff guard if anyone has one lying around.
  3. sloanfiske

    Epiphone Dot with Upgrades. Made in Korea

    I figure most of you have more than one i thought i'd post it here. Cheaper than a set of HD axles and something you can actually touch on a daily basis. Early Korean Epiphone Dot with SKB HSC. They moved all production to china in something like 2003. this is from the Unsung...
  4. sloanfiske

    Hannibal Rack/Tent/Awning/Acc for Range Rover Classic (or whatever)

    so...hannibal rack for sale. odd thing's longer than the ones made now, and goes nearly full length on my LWB...yet still fits on a SWB Tent is sold. sigh. make an offer on the rest and i might consider not keeping it. i'd be willing to ship, but it's gonna get expensive. could do...
  5. sloanfiske

    great divide bumper for RRC

    great divide bumper. non-winch. a little tweaked and missing a side wing. $250. i'll ship it but would way prefer pick up in socal. drilled to take hella 4ks. i'll snap a few photos tomorrow.
  6. sloanfiske

    whopper virgins discuss?
  7. sloanfiske

    Relocating AT cooler lines

    anyone relocated or replaced the hard lines to the tranny cooler? it's a 94 RRC LWB maybe with braided? i'm trying to tuck a winch between the frame rails and the winch is 2 inches too big. tray fits, but the winch housing and the hard lines to the cooler want to live in the same space. can...
  8. sloanfiske

    Front passenger window install

    the track on the actual glass rusted out and the glass slipped and shattered inside the door on the front passenger side. i've sourced a new piece of glass with the track... any tips on replacing...seems like i'm gonna get bloody knuckles. thanks
  9. sloanfiske

    Front/Rear bumpers and Sliders

    looking for RRC HD bumpers for the front and rear. Prefer something like a GDE non winch for the front and a Safari Gard style for the rear so I don't have to cut. also, sliders for a LWB would be rad. thanks