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    Advice for work to do while the engine is out

    Check your linkage to transfer case and transmission to make sure it looks like it will last for more years than your engine. I no longer have low range on my transfer case on my 2003. Linkage broke.
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    Does Possible head gasket leak or something else??

    Besides coolant consumption, another warning sign for my head gaskets was an engine code showing an oxygen sensor was unhappy. At the first sign of problems I had a shop replace my head gaskets, did not wait around for more problems.
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    2002 or 2003 disco

    I have a 2003, I do not know anything about 2002. The 03 at 88k miles probably already had the head gaskets done. If not, it might be overdue. I do not know if the three amigos are an issue on 2002 or not, but it can be an issue on 2003. That was fixed on mine a few months before the...
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    anti freeze in oil

    I had a shop do my head gaskets several years ago. I told them to do plug wires at the same time since it would be easier to get to the back of the engine when the top of the engine was off.
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    Ultra Gauge Question

    I have had the Ultra Gauge for several years, can't remember when I bought it. But I think I was one of the first ones that used it on a 2003 D2, as it had some problems and the company wrote a modification to the firmware to make it work properly. Yeah, plug it in, wait a few minutes for it...
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    Temp gauge no reading

    You have about the same number of miles on yours as I had on my 2003 D2 when my head gaskets started to go. Coolant consumption was one of the symptoms, so watch your coolant level.
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    grease fitting on rear door hinges

    I bought my 2003 D2 in 2006. I tried to find out from the shop manager at the nearby dealership what goes wrong with D2s. One thing he mentioned was the hinges. A couple times a year since then I have tried to oil them with a light oil and work it in for a few minutes each time. I have not...
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    The joys of being a new D2 owner - help!

    A quick note: You stated that: -temp gauge in the car holds dead center at all those temps. The gauge on the dash does not read the temperature, the gauge essentially has three positions on it, cold, warm, and too hot. The dash gauge does not reflect actual temperature rise and fall. Rely on...
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    High beam light on (faintly) with low beams ?

    If that model uses a single bulb for both high and low beams, that symptom can indicate a weak ground connection. I occasionally had problems like that on 1960s and 70s vintage vehicles when the ground connection rusted.
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    Vibration between 60-70?

    Ask a friend to drive alongside you while you drive down the road at the speed with the most vibration, the friend should watch your wheels to see if there is any noticeable vibration. Would be safest if you had two friends, the passenger in your other friends vehicle would watch as the...
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    Ordering parts directly from England.

    My comments are specific to delivery to USA from Europe. As noted above, verify that they are not charging you VAT when you order. Some credit cards have 3 percent currency transaction fees, some 1 percent and some zero. I had one credit card shut down for fraud, I called them and they said...
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    Mounting pictures and opinions of the Utragauge

    There is a way to calibrate it, if I drive hundreds of miles between tank fills with no cold starts, I have calibrated it and the calibration ratio was about 1.05. But city driving in winter when each cold start is used for a short drive of less than 10 miles, it burns much more fuel than the...
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    Mounting pictures and opinions of the Utragauge

    I just have it above the dash and slightly to the right using their bracket, no photos. I like it but I find that it over-estimates my fuel efficiency for city driving when there is a lot of cold starts. And in winter when it is quite cold (this morning about zero degrees F) the vehicle uses a...
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    DII Parasitic Draw Test - Nominal Value

    My 03 D2 will start if I park it for two weeks, but three weeks will drop the battery too low to start it. I have not measured my current draw. I bought a small solar panel, but that has proved semi-useless. I put it in the back in a side window. The glass tint cuts over half the sunlight...
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    What Temperature is "Hot"

    When at a stop light on a hot day, my 03 D2 might get up to 208 degrees. That is from my UltraGauge. I do not think I have ever seen it over 210.
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    Replacement for dying Diehard Platinum

    You need a new battery. I bought my 2003 D2 in 2006 and needed a new battery when I bought it. Dealer put in an Interstate under warranty. Worked great for years. After about 6 or 7 years I figured it was overdue for a change (I grew up in Minnesota where the winters used to be pretty...
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    Tail lights

    Not exactly sure what you are saying, but if you are saying that when you brake your right side brake light does not come on and the right side taillight dims, sounds like what happened with a friends 1960s vintage Buick when we were kids. The ground to the bulb had corroded or a broke wire or...
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    buying 03 disco 2 few questions

    Correct, that is what I was referring to.
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    buying 03 disco 2 few questions

    I have a 2003 D2. I do very little off road driving and find the lack of CDL to be a non-issue. The traction control is fully adequate for any driving I do. Mine does not have the CDL components in the transfer case. I did have the "three amigos" problem when mine was still under warranty...
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    Theoretical question about keys...

    I used a generic key for my 2003 D2, I think it was the same key as a Rav4, I had the key made in 2006. Just the key, not the fob. I have no clue if you can find a substitute fob. I do not know if the D1 key is the same as another generic.