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  1. Ataraxia

    picked up a new old rover, need some help

    96 eh? plugged up crusty rad could be making it over heat...
  2. Ataraxia

    D2 RTE 3 inch radius arms??? or not

    I'm running RTE 3" for a few years now. no vibes, no weird tire wear, still handles great. I do keep up on my maintenance though, and I think that is Key. Edit: Stock radius arms
  3. Ataraxia

    Idler Pulley

    The pulley on my tensioner grenade on me driving up north. Stopped at a little Napa, they had nothing Rover related, but the Dodge Durango idler was a perfect match (i'll update with part #). about 45 bux The guy at Napa was nice enough to let me use some display tools and go through the part...
  4. Ataraxia

    Chrome Brush Guard and Light Covers

    Chrome don't get ya home! Chrome on a Rover =
  5. Ataraxia

    Pulled my driveshaft does it go back on?

    SGaynor, u referring to me? Thanks man.
  6. Ataraxia

    Pulled my driveshaft does it go back on?

    Thanks for the info. even though it went together hard, i think it's settled and sliding normally now. so far so good. no vibes.
  7. Ataraxia

    Cheap Disco II Homemade Roof Rack

    Looks great man. Can you show us a close up of the mounting legs?
  8. Ataraxia

    WTB: DII Front/Driver side Door hinges...

    Need the top and bottom hinges from the front drivers door of a D2. Also looking for the hinges from the back door. I have a US shipping address to make things easier... Thanks
  9. Ataraxia

    98 Disco rear differential question

    you can pick up a used complete healthy 3rd member for cheap. Usually around 100$. it should take you less than an hour to swap it out.
  10. Ataraxia

    Pulled my driveshaft does it go back on?

    I know this is a brutally ancient thread, but does lining up the marks on the splined male/female end matter for a D2 REAR shaft? I didn't see any keyed splines. what am I missing? I forgot to label mine when i changed the u-joint.. it just doesn't want to go back together without the use of...
  11. Ataraxia

    16 inch rims offset ?

    I'm running the bmw rims and they are the same offset as my factory 18" hurricanes. Yup, they are from the 530. They are pretty stout and look great I think. ...looking for 1 more, for my spare. :rolleyes:
  12. Ataraxia

    trailer light on, no trailer..

    My trailer light was going on intermittently in the winter when salty water splashed on the trailer plug. the corrosion built a bridge and started shorting out. it was wet even though it was tucked away.
  13. Ataraxia

    rotors & pads after oil leak

    I had the same situation going on, both sides. After changing the hub seals, normal city driving made it go (burn) away.
  14. Ataraxia

    Rustoleum Truck bed Liner Spray

    Normally we sandblast every surface before paint, but this stuff is "rust paint". it's made to adhere to corroded surfaces. Rhrino liner is way to soft for bumpers imho. can you even re-touch rhino liner without it looking like ass? Agent, after a day or two, it will be dry to the touch, but...
  15. Ataraxia

    Rustoleum Truck bed Liner Spray

    Sorry the pic is not a close up. the finish was supposed to be semi-gloss, so it kinda matches the factory trim. To me, the finish came out pretty much perfect. I used a small foam roller and put on a few coats. Almost a year and the factory paint on the roller fairlead is already fucking...
  16. Ataraxia

    D2 Rear Hub seal?

    oh yeah, you are correct sir... Mastercamper, the drivers side unfortunately is the long side. Don't worry about your complex, just yank that thing out, sans caliper, chuck that o-ring on and slide it back in. if you have a hard time getting the hub free then just unscrew the bolts half way...
  17. Ataraxia

    D2 Rear Hub seal?

    If you don't want to remove the stake nut, you can also remove the brake line and abs sensor cable and pull out the whole hub with shaft to put the o-ring on... you will have to bleed your brakes after, but easier than tackling that stake nut if you don't have the big tools.
  18. Ataraxia

    Rustoleum Truck bed Liner Spray

    Rustoleum (AKA tremclad) is good. the prep is important. they actually recommend a slightly rusted surface. I used it on my bumpers i built and it's super strong even with some impacts. only peeling where i didn't let the metal rust a bit.
  19. Ataraxia

    Problem to check for...

    good to know. thanks ugly dude
  20. Ataraxia

    DII winch control box mount question

    I dunno if the warn box is the same dimensions, but here's where mine went. The plug and wireless toggle are fully accessible.