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    What happened to Conversations?

    Can’t find my old conversations via the app.
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    Which are you go-to tires?

    The factory Continental Contacts lasted 40K so I replaced them with Bridgestone Alenza Ultra (i believe) and have been pleased with the year-round performance and have given us about 10K more miles. My thinking is I'll go back to the same tire unless any of you have other recommendations. TIA
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    LR4 SCV6 Low Coolant

    So, last week the low coolant light came on. 24K miles. All said and done it took 2qts to bring it to the cold fill level. No signs of coolant on the floor or sticky mist on the engine/hoses. It's at the dealership now so we'll see what they say they think it is. My concern is the water pump...