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  1. jymmiejamz

    GCR Steel Wheels w/ 33" BFG a/t

    I have a set of what I think to be Gulf Coast Rovers black steel wheels with some pretty old BFG All Terrain tires. These came on a Disco I bought and I went a different route. The wheels have a back spacing that makes the tires stick out a bit more than stock. The wheels themselves are in great...
  2. jymmiejamz

    SD Roof Rack Flooring

    For those of you with Starboard flooring on your SD rack, how did you attach it to the rack? Right now our Disco has the classic chicken coop flooring, but I don't like how it limits how you can strap down items and it also isn't really suitable for mounting a jerry can holder. I was thinking...
  3. jymmiejamz

    Rovertracks Rear Axle Spacer Measurement Needed

    I broke both rear axle shafts on my wife's D1 today and have some HD replacements that I believe to be Rovertracks. I went to install them and found that they are too long and require a spacer at the drive flange. I would like to know the thickness of the spacer if anyone here has any that they...
  4. jymmiejamz

    What Fridge for a D1?

    I bought a D1 and want to get a fridge for it. My ARB 37qt is too long to fit with the seats up. I'm thinking the Engel MT35 should be a good option. Can anyone confirm this actually fits? It seems very close based on a quick measurement.
  5. jymmiejamz

    WTT Third Members w/ Stock Gears

    I just bought a D1 that has 4:11 gears with a Detroit locker in the rear and a Trutrac up front. I would like to trade for the same setup but with stock gears as I am going to put smaller tires on it. I'm not interested in selling as Detroit lockers are NLA for a D1.
  6. jymmiejamz

    WTB Genuine D1 Seat Covers

    I know it is a long shot, but as the title states, I'm looking for Genuine seat covers for a D1. I'd even be interested in a partial set.
  7. jymmiejamz

    LR4 Driving Light Wiring Kit

    I have a complete new off road light kit without the lights for an LR4. This includes the switch, relays and all wiring. Everything you need to install some additional lights on the front bumper. I may have some used PIAA lights (same ones from the kit) that are missing the connectors that I can...
  8. jymmiejamz

    235/85R16 Cooper Discoverer M+S (4)

    I have four of these tires that have at least 90% tread. Located in NYC. I don't want to ship, but I'm happy to meet somewhere nearby or assist with RURR. Asking $400 OBO.
  9. jymmiejamz

    Hard Drive Replacement

    I have a Panasonic CF-53 (I think it is an MK1) that I use a work for SDD and Picoscope. The JLR software takes up a ton of space and Land Rover requires there to be 20% free space. With the latest update I am at 3.4% free. Right now it has about a 128GB SSD. I would like to stick with SSD since...
  10. jymmiejamz

    Catalyst material stuck in muffler

    I need some idea on how to break up the catalyst material. My converters came apart a long time ago a little bit at a time. I currently have a piece stuck in my rear muffler (aftermarket tiny muffler) just before the tailpipe bends 90 degrees and exits. Basically I'm looking for an idea of what...
  11. jymmiejamz

    K&N Issue

    I'll start with a little background... About a month ago a customer brought their 2012 LR4 (under warranty) to the dealership for a check engine light. I checked the fault codes and find P0172 and P0175, which means both banks are running rich. I've personally never seen this an any 5.0L...
  12. jymmiejamz

    Solid lug RRC lug nuts

    Looking for a set of the solid black lug nuts that came on Range Rover Classics. 23 would be nice, but I'd take 20 if that's all you have.
  13. jymmiejamz

    Tire balancing beads, not anal beads.

    I'm sure many of you have experience with anal beads, but we're talking about tire balancing beads. I bought some new tires for my Defender that I need to mount this week. We only have stick on wheel weights at the dealership, so I was considering balance beads. Anyone have any experience with...
  14. jymmiejamz

    The **Official** LR3 Buyers Guide

    Get a fucking pre-purchase inspection from a Land Rover dealer or Land Rover specialist. If you are buying from a Land Rover dealer and don't trust them, have an independent Land Rover specialist to look at it. Don't be like this guy, who later turns into this guy.
  15. jymmiejamz

    Bottle Jack

    I'm looking for a working Land Rover bottle jack. I'd also be interested in the kit that comes with a DII, with or without the actual jack. Let me know what you've got plus shipping to 11211.
  16. jymmiejamz

    D1 Speaker upgrade with stock radio

    MY girlfriend just bought a D1 from Will and it has a completely stock working radio. We don't want to get rid of the stock head unit as aftermarket ones just look ridiculous. The speakers are old and crackle a bit, so we'd like to replace them with something better. We're not looking for the...
  17. jymmiejamz


    Why do we still have a Freelander section? It needs to die, along with all Freelanders (probably all in scrap yards anyway).
  18. jymmiejamz

    Warped sunroof causing water ingress

    Has anyone come up with a fix other than replacing the sunroof assembly? The plastic warps which causes too much water to come in past the seal and it will overflow the pan in a downpour. No water should even be getting past it in the first place, and the drain pan is really there as a backup. I...
  19. jymmiejamz

    4.0L Piston

    I need a 4.0L piston. Its fine if the rod is connected to it, but I mainly just need the piston.
  20. jymmiejamz

    Is this actually a diesel? The titles says TD5, but the description says V8. Its an NAS VIN, but the price seems more accurate for a TD5. It also looks like its had some body work, the hood doesn't fit very well.