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  1. dcarr1971

    Lincoln Tarantino, Britland Parts. Transact no business!

    All, Be warned. Lincoln Tarantino has been up to his old tricks and this time it's one of my friends that is getting screwed. He isn't a member here, so I'm posting this on his behalf and as a warning to everyone else. My friend (Bob Pullar) purchased a p38 bumper from Lincoln last year...
  2. dcarr1971

    Power Steering box line size?

    Hey guys, I'm in the midst of repairing a bunch of cooling system damage caused by a fan failure and discovered that the hard line running between sections of my steering box is smashed/crimped. I know this line has been discussed a couple times, but can anyone definitely tell me what size...
  3. dcarr1971

    D1 Rear Upper shock mount hardware

    What do you guys use for hardware whenever you replace a D1's Rear Upper Shock mounts? I had one mount that snapped off, so I'm installing the TF 2" lowering mounts. The existing hardware on the truck is wrecked (threads crusty to the point of having to cut some of them off). It looks like...
  4. dcarr1971

    D2 Pinion Seal cross reference?

    Hi, Does anyone have part cross reference for a D2 pinion oil seal? (I was hoping to pick one up locally so that I can complete my u-joint conversion before leaving for Conclave. The centering peg isn't coming out...)
  5. dcarr1971

    Skid plate, but for what?

    So this guy I was picking some wheels/tires up from gave me a skid plate that he had left over from his D1 which he sold several years ago. He wasn't sure how it attached, or what it was supposed to cover. Take a look at the pictures and let me know if anyone knows what kind of skid plate it...
  6. dcarr1971

    D2 Water pump sometime 7/14 in western NC

    Hey guys, I'm down here at the Nantahala river on vacation with my wife and kids. This afternoon my D2 decided to develop a squeek that I was really hoping was just a tensioner pulley. Upon further investigation I found that the water pump has a little play in the shaft. :( :banghead...
  7. dcarr1971

    WTB: Driver side front door, Portofino Red

    We had a mishap and need to replace the wife's DS front door on our '96 D1. Anyone have a red D1 door? I have a black parts truck that I bought for the interior, but would really prefer not having to paint the door red.
  8. dcarr1971

    4 MT tires 235/85, 255/85, or 285/75 r16's

    Need a set of 4 MT's, prefer 235/85, 255/85, or 285/75 r16's. Depending on size, the tires will either end up on my D2 or a D1 that I'm picking up on the 15th. In a perfect world these will be mounted on D1 steel wheels too. :D So let me know what you've got and what you want for them. Oh...
  9. dcarr1971

    Want one 'Final' ride in a Rover?

    Thought you guys might find this interesting...
  10. dcarr1971

    Just in case you need one 'final' ride in a Rover...

    Delete this...double posted...
  11. dcarr1971

    '99 DI 97k miles in SW PA

    Not mine, and no affiliation. I just spotted it on Craigslist and figured someone here might be interested if it isn't a total rusted out POS. 1999 D1, 97000 miles, seller is asking $2000/obo.
  12. dcarr1971

    ABS Amigo Group buy over on LRForums

    Not mine, but I figured some of you guys with D2's might be interested... "...[RSW]'s doing 20 Amigos for $159, down from $200 everyday price. First come first served..." Direct link to the RSW page...
  13. dcarr1971

    '88 Range Rover on CL $1000 - not mine Not mine, but I figured one of you guys might be interested in it as a parts truck if nothing else. This is just hearsay, but someone from the FPLRG forum spoke to the seller and was told he just wants this gone...supposedly the guy is...
  14. dcarr1971

    1999 Range Rover Callaway 4.6 HSE - $12995

    Not mine, and I don't know the owner, but I saw this truck at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Car Show this year. It certainly looked good, so I figured I'd post it here in case someone was interested. (Note: This guy has been trying to...
  15. dcarr1971

    DI vs D2 Fr Drive Shaft... interchangeable parts?

    I was going to ask these questions in Terry's thread, but decided not to hijack it... Does anyone know whether a D1 Front Drive Shaft is fundamentally the same as one from a D2? Are they or any of their component parts interchangeable? (i.e.- ujoints, flanges, the double cardon joint, etc)...
  16. dcarr1971

    WTB: ABS Amigo

    Anyone looking to sell your ABS Amigo? If so, PM me with what you're looking to get for it...w/ shipping to 15216.
  17. dcarr1971

    '94 DI 5 Spd near Pgh on Craigslist

    Not mine, but I saw it posted and thought someone on here might be interested. If I had the extra cash I'd grab it myself...says it come with a parts truck too... Guess I should add that the listing says they're asking $2k with ~127k miles.
  18. dcarr1971

    Auto Gear shifter won't go into 1?

    Hi all, I'm having a strange issue and hoping someone can offer some insight. My '99 D2 (98k miles) is shifting nicely, but I can't move the auto shift level into '1'. I first noticed this at MAR last weekend, so it got me thinking that this will need to be fixed before I try to take it...
  19. dcarr1971

    '99 DII arrived today...broke down 45 minutes later...

    OK...this is not the way I envisioned my first post going... Today has been a day of real highs and lows for me and the wife. After waiting more than 10 days to have our '99 Disco II (~95k miles) delivered (WooHoo!) to our home in Pittsburgh from NYC where we inspected it and test drove it, we...