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    Another 4HP22 question

    Every time you thing you've seen it all, life surprises you. Just drove my friend's 95 LWB. It has a few quirks, and this is one of them: - while coasting in Drive, at speeds about 30 mph, no throttle input, it would downshift (engine speed would go from 1200 to 2000 rpm @ 30 mph), then upshift...
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    What If?

    Back in April of 2013, a few miles from Hanksville but already on dirt, I heard a slight tapping from my D1's engine. Everyone I asked about it laughed me off, saying there just wasn't anything that is called "tapping" in Land Rover world. Five hours later, in Fishlake Nat'l Forest, the tapping...
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    Shitheap redemption
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    PSAON never dies.

    Some things deserve recognition. This gem lives in Borrego Springs, California.
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    Death Valley - from Ashford Mills to Darwin I may post a few photos or entire thing here, if you wish.
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    Merry Christmas y'all!

    What it says. Hope the last year was good for you, and the next one's going to be better!
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    Is there such a thing as a non-leaking steering box?

    It is a rhetorical question - I know the boxes are nice and dry in my jeep (a "76-series" Saginaw box) and one of the 95 RRCs. The others (LR4 excluded) leak. Not a whole lot, but enough to spot the brand new garage apron. I know that Meridian rebuilds are a dead end - even when they don't...
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    Aftermarket Keyless Entry

    Here's a write-up. I'll update it if/when I squeeze more functionality out of two extra buttons on the remotes.
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    Rattlesnake Ridge

    Are any of you dudes close by?
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, you lot of miserable grease monkeys!
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    I read about this extensively on Russian LR forums - I guess despite JLR's assurances that this went away with 2.7 TDV6, it didn't: NHTSA ID: 10106102 TSB ID: SSM 72578 Issue: crankshaft/crankshaft bearing failure ? 3.0 tdv6 diesel engine. engine makes a loud ?rumbling/knocking? sound when...
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    Happy Birthday!

    you know who you all are :)
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    GM Power Steering Pump conversion

    Fresh off the grill -
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    How on earth do you...

    ... remove the ABS brain box on a D1? Does the bottom lip of the dashboard (where the glovebox attaches) come off? Edit: Never mind, page 70-22 of workshop manual. I know what it says, but I still can't see how it will come out. Edit: It does, like a charm. The ABS light is off, I guess until...
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    Fuel pump or harness?

    2010 LR4 - died today in the middle of nowhere. Spit out codes P0232 and P025C - both related to fuel pump, and both kind of hint of a short in the fuel pump circuit. The fuel pump 25A fuse is blown; replaced, blown again within a second of ignition-ON. The engine almost starts and dies...
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    Napa Auto Parts hacked by China?

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    The people have spoken

    Almost all of them counted, that is - 52:48.
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    Are you ready for Summer?

    Going from sea level to ~4000ft: outside temp at 1000ft - 115F, at 4000ft - 99F. Max temp going uphill (UltraGauge) - 215.8F, sitting in front of a locked gate - 219F. That with A/C on, fully operational fan clutch and A/C fans, and HD-recored radiator. On the second photo - this is the...
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    KvT LWB Low-profile Rack

    Own a piece of Discoweb history: most likely, the very last KvT LWB rack. If you've just crawled from under some moldy rock and have no clue WTF it is, it is a full-length low profile roof rack designed and built specifically for long-wheelbase Range Rover Classics by Kyle Van Tassel, one of...
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    Riddle me this...

    Flashing CEL with P1313 code in the mornings on cold (rather, cool - ~55F) engine. No other codes. Engine starts, idles, and runs as smoothly as it can ever be. Gas mileage is normal, no particular smell to exhaust. I know what the code means, but cannot possibly come up with a reasonable...