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  1. JUKE179r

    Valve Cover Gaskets on Discovery2 "with SAI"

    After I did the top engine rebuild, I cut up some hose, fittings and clamps to make it easier to remove the SAI plumbing.
  2. JUKE179r

    G4 Project For Sale $5,000

    Off topic but my dream LR is a 2002 G4 Defender 110 Td5.
  3. JUKE179r

    Your LR has a target on it.....

    I’m in England and I wish a mother sucker would slash my expensive @ss BFG tyres. I’ll beat ‘em with my cricket bat. Lol
  4. JUKE179r

    Brake upgrades for a D2

    For my Disco 2: - EBC GD Sport Drilled & Slotted Rear Rotors #GD957 & Front Rotors #GD994 - Akebono ceramic rear brake pads #ACT493 & front brake pads #EUR676 Stops on a dime with minimal brake dust.
  5. JUKE179r


    Dunno. But I’d replace it pronto.
  6. JUKE179r

    D2 Engine Identification on Parts Sites

    Are you searching for air fresheners? lol
  7. JUKE179r

    RESOLVED: Replaced CPS - D2 Won’t start - battery ok, starter ok

    I'm am not one to throw money at a problem but if you never replaced the Crankshaft Position Sensor, replace it now with a Bosch ERR-7354 unit. If that didn't cure your problem, at least you replaced it for a new one since it will eventually go bad. Keep the old CPS as a back up.
  8. JUKE179r

    RESOLVED: Replaced CPS - D2 Won’t start - battery ok, starter ok

    That's what I was thinking too... CPS crapping out.
  9. JUKE179r

    ISO front drive shaft 2003 D2

    Check Lucky 8... Got pics of the blown driveshaft? Curious to see it.
  10. JUKE179r

    Foxwell NT510 with LR & BMW licenses

    That's a steal at $100!!!!! I'll ask my British buddies to see if they want me to buy it for them since I have a US mailing address while in the UK.
  11. JUKE179r

    Foxwell NT510 with LR & BMW licenses

    Yes. If you have Mini/BMW/Rolls Royce software already on your Foxwell, you pay an additional $60 (?) to download the Land Rover/Jaguar software for it. I think you can add up to 5 car manufacturers on the Foxwell NT510, NT520 and NT530.
  12. JUKE179r

    testing test

    Lima Charlie...
  13. JUKE179r

    Discovery 2 slabs srd500070

    Thanks @WILL.TILLERY !!!
  14. JUKE179r

    Financial Software and POS Systems Suck, and it's YOUR Fault

    @kennith... Have a Snickers... You're not you when you're hungry. lol When I was a kid, I never understood this movie. As an adult now, I TOTALLY understand this movie..
  15. JUKE179r

    Discovery 2 slabs srd500070

    Got any more of those srd500070 SLABS? Lol I’m looking for one and not off of eBay.
  16. JUKE179r

    Foxwell NT510 with LR & BMW licenses

    The NT510 has 2 options, Power Bleed and Modulator Bleed. I've used both on my Disco 2.
  17. JUKE179r

    2003 discovery scammed

    Here's a tip... If you buy from the website, pay in Euros without VAT and save $40 for the Nanocom with Discovery II Motronic V8 (€340=$390/reg $425.78) + unlock code for Disco II systems (€58 =$58.12/reg $63.44)
  18. JUKE179r

    2003 discovery scammed

    The Nanocom would be the one to get for an 06 or newer Land Rover. I wasn't too impressed with the Autel when I borrowed it from a friend. Maybe over the years it's gotten better for Land Rover specific trouble codes. I had an iCarsoft CR Plus and that shit was crap. I'm sure their Land Rover...
  19. JUKE179r

    Coolant expansion tank D2

    The Brits over here love Dexcool for their TD5s. They think I'm mad/crazy for having any other coolant in my V8. BTW... I have Zerex G-05 coolant.