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  1. rover4x4

    Land Rover owners… (previous owners)

    When I was looking for my RR almost a decade ago many were in similar condition. I looked at several DIs and RRCs, most were on their fourth or fifth owners at best. I found my RRC in the back of a sketchy used car lot and it had about an inch of pecan tree sap covering it, I am the 3rd...
  2. rover4x4

    Intermittent rear windows operation

    i had the same problem, bad window switch, I moved switches around until i could isolate the dud. I keep a "good" spare in the console.
  3. rover4x4

    Transmission leaking badly - options...

    FWIW you can remove that output "spud" shaft from the transmission insitu. You will have to remove the inspection plate cover on the LT230 and remove the input gear which will allow you to access the ZF output/tail/spud shaft. This made installation of the LT230 much easier for me. I am 99%...
  4. rover4x4

    So I'll give credit where credit is due...

    apple spice
  5. rover4x4

    Any of you guys do this?

    Needs light bars, monster stickers and 35s
  6. rover4x4

    Emissions test

    Man I am thankful to be in a non emissions area, also NC has proposed rolling back the requirement for antique vehicles to 25 years from 30 (?). I always cross my fingers to get my Classic to pass. Defender never has issues even though the shops are always perplexed when it pulls in. Its...
  7. rover4x4

    Quality Coat/Jacket

    URE grab bag Omni Wools are great socks. Thorlo socks (statesville nc) are my favorite, hit the outlet during a sale. I've been wearing smartwool for many years.
  8. rover4x4

    Quality Coat/Jacket

    I'd rather go barefoot than wear wigwam wool socks
  9. rover4x4

    ECU remap comparison

    I'm not sure either is worth the expense... rrandall Let us know!!
  10. rover4x4

    14 cux tune

    Ahhh.. I think this all depends on the mysterious "tune resistor" . Do a search for it, you'll have hours of reading.
  11. rover4x4

    2019 4Runner Observations

    Mostly true, funny you post this as I am sitting in the back of a 2015. They have as much umph as any Rover I've driven, handles only marginally than my RRC. They are great vehicles that havent been completely neutered. I'm sure the next generation will be on a Camry platform with a GDI...
  12. rover4x4

    RRC ARB rear bumper

    Does the factory receiver hitch have to be cut off to accomadate this?
  13. rover4x4

    Hunter edition manual seat repair

    Bummer. Figure out what's wrong and report back. RAVE may have info for the DI manual seats, they could be similar to the RRC..
  14. rover4x4

    Hunter edition manual seat repair

    Hope it helps! Good luck!
  15. rover4x4

    Hunter edition manual seat repair

    Alright. I find it hard to believe the reclining mechanism would be shot in both seats. When I got my Hunter the adjustment wheel on DS was stripped. I dont recall wherein found a replacement. Pry the cover off adjustment wheel will reveal a 10mm nut, remove nut inspect adjust wheel. Aft of...
  16. rover4x4

    2020 Defender

    Reckon OME will make HD airbags for it? they cant grab them out of the current parts bin. Maybe Total Chaos will develop a long travel kit similar to the one avalible for the 4Runner/Taco/FJ
  17. rover4x4

    2020 Defender

    20s.... IFS/IRS. Hybrid. Nail in coffin..
  18. rover4x4

    Hunter edition manual seat repair

    I will try to get a photo and figure it out this evening and post back
  19. rover4x4

    Opinions on Tires

    KM3 is currently available in 255/85. Not many options in this size, Toyo offers an MT that is more expensive. I've always thought BFG KM's were great tires, the best compromise. Falkens are currently at the top of the list for my RRC and KM3 for D90. STT pro seems to be really popular tires...