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  1. joneschris

    HCRR 2022

    This one is a little short notice, but if anybody is in Texas. Check out the Hill Country rover Rally. It is October 14-16 In Marble Falls, TX. The guys at Hill Country British put on a fantastic event
  2. joneschris

    d1 Rear dislocation cones

    On the off chance that someone has a set they want to sell cheap....
  3. joneschris

    *SOLD* 1996 Discovery 1 SE7 5-speed

    I didn't think the day would come. But here we are. 1996 Discovery 1 SE7 w/rear air, 5 speed manual, 142k miles. Beluga black. The goods: factory 5 speed, 7 seat, rear air truck, newer 4.6 engine, kent cam, headgaskets done, new oil pump, new timing chain, replaced radiator, LOF clutch, con...