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  1. Tugela

    Joshua Tree & Anza-Borrego November 2022

    Just returned from a magnificent 10-day trip in the desert. Picked up friends at LAX, enjoyed three days largely off pavement in Joshua Tree with friends who drove down from Denver. Took a layover day in Painted Canyon, then down to Ocotillo to drive the Anza-Borrego overland route from south...
  2. Tugela

    LR3 instrument cluster goes out intermittently

    Starting a little over a year ago, the gauges and screen on my 2008 LR3 instrument cluster would sporadically go out. Just driving along the information center goes blank, all the gauges drop like the vehicle is off, dash illumination goes dark, and there's no sound for the turn indicator...
  3. Tugela

    LR3 battery recommendations?

    I didn't see anything covering the topic in the last few years so I'm starting a new thread. What's your favorite replacement battery for the LR3? Mine is toast in my 2008 V8 SE. Of course it croaked 10 months after the end of the warranty period. MTP 49/H8
  4. Tugela

    Dead horse: OME MD vs HD springs

    I know this has been discussed since the Clinton administration, but I am facing a decision and would appreciate hearing from the Discoweb sounding board. I have a D1 with Terrafirma springs (light duty, which I think are the functional analog - but not performance equivalent - of the OME...
  5. Tugela

    WTB snorkel install template

    I bought a large pile of parts I needed and the collection came with a snorkel kit. I wasn't planning on installing it but after a few months in the garage I think I need to do something with it - either install it or sell it. Either way, it's missing the template for marking where to drill...
  6. Tugela

    Safari 5000 single lamp cover needed

    One of mine fell off. I need this thing: for this: Hit me up with what you have.
  7. Tugela

    1993 RRC fuel pump access

    I think my fuel pump is dead in my SWB 1993. My version of RAVE is for 1992 vehicles and shows you have to lower the tank. For my 1993 to access the pump do I have to drop the fuel tank or can I get at it from above in the cargo area under the carpet like in my Disco?
  8. Tugela

    Hub reinstall - spin resistance

    Replaced brake rotors (rear) and cleaned out/repacked bearings. Got hub assembly back on, followed directions in RAVE, and hubs are not spinning freely. If I loosen up the inner lock nut it improves, but then the hub has play. My leading hypothesis is that the fresh grease has higher viscosity...
  9. Tugela

    RRC passenger side rear lamp guard

    Some bastard visigoth barbarian swine ripped off one of my rear lamp guards. Yanked it straight off, broke my fancy new aluminum hardware and everything. If anyone has a single passenger side rear lamp guard sitting around gathering dust, I'd like to buy it. This is the style that plugs into...
  10. Tugela

    89-94 RRC front bumper FREE

    I have a spare spare RRC front bumper taking up space in my garage. It won't win you the concours d'elegance, but if it's better than the one on your truck then you can have it for free. Well, I'll trade for a six pack of beer. I'm not going to ship this thing so you need to either pick it up...
  11. Tugela

    Hawaii adventures - suggestions?

    I'm heading to the big island for about a week. Splitting my time roughly 50/50 between Kona and Puna. After doing some homework I've made a list of things I want to do: sea kayaking/snorkeling with the dolphins near Capt Cook monument night swim with the manta rays mountain biking exploring...
  12. Tugela

    ExOfficio nylon pants large 36-38"x34"

    If you are tall and need some lightweight, comfortable pants for warm conditions, these are worth considering. This is the original version of the Amphi Pant, which ExOfficio no longer makes. 100% nylon. They have enough pockets, integrated belt, a button tensioner at the cuff to keep the...
  13. Tugela

    fireproof/resistant containers

    Looking for recommendations on containers that are fireproof or fire resistant. I have a small collection of books at home that are unique and they are currently sitting on a wooden shelf in my wood-framed house. I would like to find a storage solution that will offer some level of protection...
  14. Tugela

    New exhaust install - what do I need?

    Just received my new cat-back exhaust kit for my 1993 RR from Will and am planning some time to do the swap over an upcoming weekend. I've never done this job before. Anything I should know before I dive in? Special materials to pick up (heat-resistant gasket)? Specific tools I might need...
  15. Tugela

    revving 3.9

    A few months ago my wife freaked out when driving our 1993 SWB - the engine revved between 3,000 - 4,000 RPM with no feet on the pedals. She had to fight the engine with the brakes while the truck was in gear, and after shifting to neutral the engine revved even higher. She stuck her foot...
  16. Tugela

    trick to replacing heated windscreen relay?

    1993 RRC: I press the heated windscreen button, the button illuminates, I hear a click behind the dash, the light goes out on the button, and that's it. I have a replacement relay for the heated windscreen and spent 20 minutes trying to remove the kick panel to find the relay. I couldn't get...
  17. Tugela

    L322 - am I crazy?

    I found a 2007 L322 Range Rover for sale with low miles and service history. I'm tempted. It's the Jag 4.4, photos appear to show a very good condition interior with no reported faults. I realize that if I buy it I'm entering a realm of complexity, expensive parts, and expensive repairs (if I...
  18. Tugela

    Gallagher Head Lake (WA) Oct 12

    Enjoyed another lovely weekend up at Gallagher Head Lake. Gorgeous fall colors and clear nights - part of the lake froze over. Get up there while you can, at 6,000 feet the snow comes early.
  19. Tugela

    RRC exhaust swap - what do I need?

    Need to replace the exhaust on my 1993 SWB. Pipe cracked off behind the muffler, the rear portion of the pipe and resonator are just dangling on the mounts. I have access to a parts truck and would like to cannibalize the exhaust system off that thing to use as an interim measure until I...
  20. Tugela

    Wiring auxiliary lights to independent switch

    I found lots of threads about connecting bumper-mounted aux lamps to the existing fog light switch, but nothing describing what I want to do, which is to connect aux lamps to a separate, independent, factory switch. Here's what I have: 1 pair of LR Safari 5000 driving lights mounted to...