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  1. lunchbox

    New title…Crank but no start issue.

    My buddy is having a no start due to the fuel pump not coming on. I can’t go help him because I broke my leg. He sent me a video of a relay going nuts when he puts the key in position 2. Any idea what it is. It’s a 98. So I thought the fuel pump relay was in the kick. This is behind the glove box.
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    Method Racing Beadlocks

    Any interest in some wheels? I have to get a pic of them. But wanted to see if there was any interest in some beadlocks. They are Method Racing wheels. 17x9. Backspace is 3.5. Brand new in the box. Will fit D1 RRC and Defender. $1200 for 4 wheels...
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    99 D1 possible part out

    My buddy has a 99 D1 that I built up. He bought it from me after I built it, and hasn’t driven it since. That was a few years ago. It has sat, and rusted to shit. The floors and sills are trashed. We are deciding what to do with it…rebuild or parts swap. Here’s a list of the parts. Most are...
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    2000 D2 for sale

    So....parting this truck is not working for me. So I’m going to sell it as a whole for cheap. It has some issues, but still drives. My buddy is driving it to and from work now. It has 140k on it. The engine years coolant. Maybe a leak, maybe a head gasket, maybe heater coil, don’t know. The...
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    Hi-steer set up

    So...I have decided to make my truck more of a daily driver. I’ve lowered the truck and put radius arms back on. Therefore, I’m removing my three link and hi-steer set up. I’m going to hold on to the three link for now. But I’m going to sell the hi steer. It really needs 4-5” of lift to work...
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    D2 off road parts for sale

    It looks like I’m going to be parting an ‘00 D2. It has and RTE winch bumper with brush guard ($750), Greg Davis rear bumper ($450), SG slider ($300) and X9 winch with hawse fairlead and synthetic line ($500). The bumpers and sliders are like new. Or, you can buy the whole truck for $3000. It...
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    D1 MAF orientation

    So...which way should it face? Mine have always been with the plug towards the engine and the wrighting upside down. Seems like the logo should be upside right. What?s Dweb say? And does it matter? Oh...and does the presence of a screen matter?
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    1313-1314 help

    98 D1 Top end is fresh Engine was pulled, running with not a code, from a truck with front end damage. Tried: Many plug gaps Several coil packs Compression good Spark good Three ECU Two fuel pumps New fuel filter New wire harness Several sets of plug wires Reset values Any other...
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    4.6 GEMS engine

    So...I am bailing on a project. It is a complete 4.6. The block was purchased from Will out of a 99 P38 with about 100k on it. Bearings were replaced. I can not get it to run for shit. So back goes in a 4.0. It has a knock that I can not diagnose and have spent a fortune on. I?m out. It is...
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    Camshaft talk

    I?m going to replace my Crower cam with a ?stock? cam. What?s worth purchasing? I see some really cheap ones out there and factory for $800(ish). What are you guys using? Any big quality gaps between brands? I?m sure most of the cheap ones are made by the same people. It?s for a GEMS 4.6 Chad
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    5-speed and 4.0 value?

    A buddy ended up with extra parts, including R380 and stuff and a freshly rebuilt 4.0. We were going to build one good truck from one runner with a shit shell and a good shell with a shit 3.9. We may bail on it all due to time and grumpy neighbors. Anybody looking or know what I should expect to...
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    Ignition coils

    What are people using these days? I usually buy whatever the local guy has in stock. I looked on Rock Auto. They have several brands now. Anyone have a preference or found "better" spark with some? GEMS truck
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    Rocker talk

    I am replacing the rocker arms and push rods on my GEMS 4.6 build. I have a few questions about the differences I'm finding. On the new Brit Part ones, the shaft has oiling ports on each side of the pedisatal. They are off set for and aft of the hole for the mounting bolt. On the inside of the...
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    New rockers

    I'm going to replace my rockers and rods. GEMS 4.6 with Crower cam. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get them? I see some crazy price ranges out there. BritPart for $100(ish) to RN for over $1000. Mark at DD will rebuild them for $375pr. Experiences? Opinions? Chad
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    I know this isn't a common size for a Rover. But I've got a set of four Goodyear Wrangler MTR for sale. 37x12.5 17. I'm looking for $600 for the set.
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    GEMS 4.6 with Crower cam issue

    Hey I finally got my knock sorted out. Now I am having issues with the cam and crank sensors. I'm throwing code 340 and all kinds of associated misfire and o2 codes. I've swapped several sensors and no change. I've done two sets of new plugs and wires as well. I've traced the wires pretty far...
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    Anaheim Hills CA?

    Does anyone live in or near Anaheim Hills CA? I'm looking for someone to pick up and ship me a pair of bicycle wheels. Dude will not ship. I would throw you some coin. Thanks Chad
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    Rebuilt engine has knock.

    Engine is a 4.6 out of a Calloway P38. I bought just the block from Will T. It was out of a known running truck with about 100k on it. I took it to a local shop and had everything checked out. details: New Crower cam New bearings all around Honed block Heads machined New gaskets everywhere New...
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    Torque converter to flexplate bolts

    In the move, mine walked away. Does anyone know the size and pitch?
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    Mountain Lion Hide

    OK...random but I have a mountain lion hide in my closet. Long story. It's complete with head, claws, and tail. Fully spread out, it's a solid 6ft tall. Does anyone have any interest in this thing? I've looked online at prices and seen them range from $700 to $2000 (ish). I would be open to...