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  1. BDM

    2020 LRNA Dealer Trek Series

    We just found out today LRNA is bringing back the dealer Trek Series with the new 2020 Defender. I will say, I am pleasantly surprised and what this means for the brand, going to hold off on getting too excited. That said, it sounds like the Land Rover of old is starting to show through.
  2. BDM

    My ride for the weekend - Trek Series D2

    This thing just sits and rots in our JLR parking lot. My manager finally agreed to let me take it for the weekend. I don’t suppose there’s too many of these left. It’s a shame Land Rover doesn’t continue this tradition. This was the comp truck in the NA dealer Trek series where each dealer...
  3. BDM

    1? D1 coil spacers

    Looking for a set of coil spacers for the D1. Thanks
  4. BDM

    RRC fuel pump

    Cleaning out the garage and stumbled on this. Came out of my ?92 RRC. Worked great as did sending unit. Unknown mileage $25 plus shipping. I think it?ll work with non-AEL discos pre 97 but not 100% positive.
  5. BDM

    Another intermittent no start issue

    Lots of searching on this one. Mine seems to be difffernt than the usual CPS or fuel pump issues. 99 D1 w/ 107k. This is issue been going on last month or so. Sometimes it starts right up. Other times it just cranks and cranks with no turn over. Pulling random numbers from the shrader valve...
  6. BDM

    Harmonic balancer squealing? Related to hard start...

    99 D1. Only 106k w/ heads recently done by Tillery. After driving and warmup, there?s a high pitch continuous squeal coming from the pulleys. Did the screw driver test and can?t hear anything from the PS pump, alternator, water pump or belt tensioner. When I blip the throttle squeal goes away...
  7. BDM

    5k mi OME 2in HD springs report

    Took the airbags off last fall and replaced with OME 2in HD springs from AB with filter kit. The compressor failed and I was tired off having sagging airbags when it was cold, rebuilding the valve blocks, etc. it?s mainly the wife?s DD and I didn?t want the headache of her having a suspension...
  8. BDM

    Antifreeze smell - unable to locate a leak

    08 L3 with 135k. I?ve had the sweet smell of antifreeze for a long time now. Thought it may have been from fluid that spilled while replacing the thermostat and tconnector but that was close to 2 years now. No signs of leaking at all and don?t have to top off fluids maybe once a year. Seems...
  9. BDM

    LR3 airbags and struts

    128k on all 4. Never had any problem with them. Air compressor went out so I went to coils. I imagine shipping would be expensive for these. Make me an offer or come pick them up for free. Zip is 28307
  10. BDM

    Johnson Rods LR3/4

    Used for last 4 years. $85 shipped
  11. BDM

    Driver side front window rattle

    The wife?s LR3 driver window won?t roll up properly. It seems to rattle when al the way up and doesn?t seal properly. The motor works fine. Anyone had this problem? TIA
  12. BDM

    Play in front passenger side wheel + clunk

    Got good amount of play in the 3 to 9 o'clock position (12 to 6 is tight) in my front passenger side. Also have clunking under 30mph over bumps on same side. The lower control arms were replaced little less than 50k ago. I've heard tie rods and sway bar bushings could be culprit. Any thoughts on...
  13. BDM

    Tcase swap on a 2002 D2?

    Is there another option for the CDL on a 2002 D2 other than a tcase swap from another truck? I've heard something about a front nose conversion on the tcase instead. Couldn't find it on the forums here tho. Thanks
  14. BDM

    Buying a D2?

    I've owned a few D1's and RRC's and love them all for the same reasons we all love them. It's always been my mantra to stay away from D2's because in my mind they were giant pieces of shit...i.e. 3 amigos, block's cracking in the 4.6's, HG's being more of an issue, and lacking heavy duty oil...
  15. BDM

    Brakes won't bleed

    98 D1. Brake pedal had no pressure. Put in a working booster and master cylinder from Will. I can get the back brakes to bleed but the front calipers just pump air. Had my wife pump the brakes for 10min (which she was thrilled to do) while I was underneath bleeding and closing the valve. After...
  16. BDM

    No power to radio

    98 D1, no power to radio. Thought originally it was a bad unit so replaced with a known working one from Will. Still no power. Check fuse #3 and it's good. Also check 12,13 (multisystem fuses) and they're good as well. Am I missing any other possible fuses? On a may be related note, the dome...
  17. BDM

    No title for my 98 D1. Suggestions please

    I recently purchased a 98 D1 from a guy in CA. Originally the title had been lost and he was going to reapply for the title and send it out to me. In the mean time (naively of me) I sent him the money for the disco and took the delivery of the vehicle. It's been nearly 3 weeks and the guy...
  18. BDM

    Flashing CEL w/ p0300, p1316 codes

    My project 1998 disco is throwing codes: P0300 (cylinder misfire) p0303 (cylinder 3 misfire), p1316, p1314, p1313 with a flashing CEL. Not sure what the 13xx codes are for. My code reader says It's also flashing low oil at idle only after it's driven about 20min. Not sure if that's related...
  19. BDM

    D1 only starts in neutral

    Just purchased a 2 x 98 D1's that needs a little work for 1k each with no rust. One of them will shift from neutral to drive but I have to pull up on the shifter. I guess the PO did that for a while and now the shifter and linkage feels loose. No brake lights. I'm guessing it's a brake light...
  20. BDM

    D1 3" coils with radius arms, etc + misc parts

    If someone is pulling these off a truck I'd be interested. - 3" coils with panhard/radius arms and relocation cones - fold up step for back trunk - mud flaps - rear load space mat - fuel pump (1998) Thanks