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  1. kade

    Honda discovery. . .

    Not mine but Interesting
  2. kade

    What’s wrong with my Alpine changer ???

    Has not worked since I got the truck. Radio/tape work fine. Cd changer is Cycling trays but head unit won’t even recognize that the CD player exists. I just got one from a junk yard, swapped it and no change. Cleaned both of them with deoxit. Still no dice. Checked fuses... Any ideas. I’ve...
  3. kade

    Help with exhaust manifold flange gasket. Please

    I searched but no infor on this gasket I could see. 2000 D2 4.0. So guys I’ve located a exhaust leak on the passenger side exhaust manifold flange where it attaches to the down pipe. I ordered the gaskets and attempted to remove the studs tonight. I got one out but the other just had the...
  4. kade

    Wise minds of dweb I summon thee

    Thanks in advance guys, Back story is that I bought a 2000 d2 last week. It had high miles (237k) but a salvage title from being rear ended. The body was in good shape and the interior was good. Under the hood was really clean but I could see some oil leaking from VC gaskets. Drove and shifted...
  5. kade

    Shipping a vehicle

    Any tips you guys would recommend when having a vehicle shipped? I found what looks to be a decent 5 speed D1 and am toying with the idea of shipping it, or have him ship it. Obviously that part freaks me out, paying money to someone and hoping they do the right thing. I guess I really would...
  6. kade


    Thought y?all may enjoy this ad for one reason or another. Nice but idk about 30k
  7. kade

    2004 Land Rover Discovery

    I've had the D2 for about a year. It runs great. Cosmetically it's not perfect. Missing front bumper caps. Rear bumper has a crack in it and there is some clear coat coming off of hood/roof. I am selling to reallocate some funds and then buy a D1 or rrc. I'm not trying to rip anyone off. If...
  8. kade

    Classic LWB Not my vehicle but thought someone here might be looking for a decent project. Don't know if it is worth it. It sounds like he's ready to part ways with it.
  9. kade

    Ghost or gremlin?

    I searched sunroofs but didn't find this remedy readily available. My rear sunroof opens a little bit at a time. I actually heard it open one day upon start up, But have not heard it again. However it keeps being open when I remember to check it. 2004 d2. The sunroofs are functional and...
  10. kade

    Not my sale Not mine but I'm wondering. . . y'all see any reason he should have this priced so high? seems over-priced "bigly"
  11. kade

    check out this guys disco Found it on CL. Clean, but is it THAT clean?
  12. kade

    94 Land Rover Discovery-$2400

    Posting this again. I love it and will probably get another one later, I just need a truck right now. Interested in trades on older 4x4 trucks if anyone has any they want to trade.
  13. kade

    D1 radiator.

    I have a d1 radiator that needs to be recored if anyone needs one. Make offer. Don't have paypal so local pickup preferred.
  14. kade

    bump stops

    Hey guys I know there is info somewhere on the site that would probably give me what I need to know but hoping I can get a quick idea I have a d1 with somewhere around two inches of lift and have 235/85's on the truck. The front tires are fine but the rear on driver side rub the wheel...
  15. kade

    1994 discovery CDL problems

    Ok guys I've been searching about this for about two weeks. I've looked on this forum a lot and have not been able to find anything but D2 CDL cable post... That may be operator error and I'm sorry but I need help. I went on a small trail a few weeks ago and noticed no CDL light on the dash. I...
  16. kade

    1994 Discovery $3000 OBO, Upstate SC

    1994 Discovery $2799 OBO, Upstate SC Decided to bump this ad from a while back. I have it on the local craigslist form 2799. It runs well and already has a lift with tires. I did damage the rear fenders a bit from not cutting enough for the CT cut. y'all try not to hate too bad on the ad...