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  1. pdxrovermech

    Tire & front brake caliper recommendations

    LRTS list the LH caliper, but no right. PART NUMBER 173209 GIRLING NUMBER 2676320087
  2. pdxrovermech

    V8 cylinder heads

    this is correct, but early 14 bolt heads are also slightly thicker and need to be machined down more if you're going to use the composite head gaskets.
  3. pdxrovermech

    93-94 RRC upper Radiator hose

    get a thermostat housing that has the sensor port in it.
  4. pdxrovermech

    D2 V8 fuel pump not working

    fuel pump doesnt run on a D2 until you crank it and only if it gets a signal from the ckps.
  5. pdxrovermech

    Instrument cluster backlight out.

    my back lighting on my disco went out for when my battery wore through a wire in the battery tray. I believe it popped the fuse for either my left or RH running lights, which also handled the illumination.
  6. pdxrovermech

    **SOLD** 1991 RRC Great Divide Edition | Trail Ready | 9K

    Those recent repairs and aftermarket parts would easily cost someone more than 9k if they had to pay someone to do the work. Too bad it needs 2k in HVAC work. I think the trail rash looks great. Shiny Rangeys are shit for the cars and coffee crowd anyways. A good cleaning and some factory...
  7. pdxrovermech

    95 Discovery 1 - ID this wire!

    For me, bypass is the way to go. Back in the day i use to resolder them, but sometimes they would fail again or i'd solder them and they still wouldnt work. Its just not worth the hassle. Now why would anyone buy that kit? heck if I know.
  8. pdxrovermech

    95 Discovery 1 - ID this wire!

    lol. then test that wire to see if it gets 12 volts with the key in position 2. If so, connect it to the white pink wire at the window ecu. AB has a nice little how to.
  9. pdxrovermech

    95 Discovery 1 - ID this wire!

    looks like the same type of connector AB was selling in their window ECU bypass kit and its in the right area. Its definitely aftermarket though.
  10. pdxrovermech

    Dead horse: OME MD vs HD springs

    ive been happy with HDs front and rear on my disco. only heavy add-ons i have are ARB front bumper and rock sliders.
  11. pdxrovermech

    Best headliner material?

    trunk liner. It comes in lots of colors, hides dirt better, easy to work with, and plenty wide.
  12. pdxrovermech

    Minimum Flywheel Thickness for R380 to V8?

    what kind of catastrophic things are people doing that requires their flywheel needing anything more than a good scuffing with sandpaper?
  13. pdxrovermech

    Which are you go-to tires?

    No but the BFG Trail Terrain does. Only been out about a year, but its a good mild AT.
  14. pdxrovermech

    No Communication - SRS Module

    straight swap. I know the book lists single and dual sensor, but i think the single was only on 94s and 95RRCs. pretty much anything with OBD2 will have the dual.
  15. pdxrovermech

    Intermittent rear windows operation

    1994 has a different rear window ecu than the 95/D1. They dont fail nearly as often as the D1 style, but they still do on occasion. They can be bypassed in a similar manner. Its located under the cubby in the center console.
  16. pdxrovermech

    98 D1 4.0 Auto Transmission

    over tightening the filter bolts will also cause a shifting issue, but it really sounds like a kickdown cable problem.
  17. pdxrovermech

    Transmission leaking badly - options...

    buy a good used tranny and pay a shop a days labor to swap it in. should only cost $1500-2k total. These trannys are pretty solid and i wouldnt be scared of just going the used route. Also there is no computer BS.
  18. pdxrovermech

    Aluminum Radiator

    Are the condensor fans coming on?