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    3.9 high idle and possible vacuum leak?

    There should be another port - it is for the throttle body heater. Depending on where you live, it may be important. There usually are two coolant hoses going to it. Removed hoses most likely mean it was leaking coolant.
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    No affiliation but thought you all might enjoy

    I've always been conflicted about owning a "vehicle of historical significance." Say, I'd own a "factory prototype," but a CT or G4 or even Trek truck would always elicit bystanders' questions about owner participating in these events. This is probably the main consideration that kept me from...
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    D1 with body lift: front and rear bumper options?

    Do you already have 2" body lift in a Disco?
  4. p m

    V8 cylinder heads

    no, only the early ones. Even my old 89 had 10-bolt heads, though they may have been swapped in.
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    The under $10k thread -- LR3 vs LR4?

    Never replaced the uppers but LCA bushings were already replaced twice on my LR4 with less than 150kmi on it.
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    The under $10k thread -- LR3 vs LR4?

    It is a lure for the customers to imagine they have to visit the dealer once a year, roughly. BMW was big on that. The insides of the 16-kmi-lubricated V8 engines after three years of use looked absolutely horrifying.
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    Impact wrenches

    Same here. But I haven't used my air impact since I got the largest-torque 1/2" DeWalt. It is simply insane. It'll undo pinion or radius arms nuts in half a second. However, lightweight it isn't. I ended up getting the smallest 1/2" drive DeWalt - that's what is in my toolbag with a handful of...
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    Some kind of adventure out west 12/23/2022-1/3/2023

    That's awesome, Bill! You don't need 3 nights or even 3 days for that trail, but if you went to every little spur trail and took a short hike, it could take a week. Camping along this trail is awesome. And you could continue along the border (you'll have to go around Tohono O'Odham lands for that).
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    Some kind of adventure out west 12/23/2022-1/3/2023

    Somehow I missed that. El Camino Del Diablo is an awesome trip, almost always - except after any significant rain.
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    '65 IIa 109 ex-Mod

    Oh wow... Lockwired carrier cap bolts.
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    Found! - Range Rover Classic LWB Step-side runner (STC8160AA)

    Damn... That's a Rob Davison Classic. Cleanest shit ever.
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    Happy New Year!

    What it says, boys and girls. Hope you have a happy and prosperous 2023, and enjoy the unreliable, capricious, and hard to keep on the road, collection of parts and pieces of the finest British craftsmanship! Missing some snow action - here's some from exactly 8 years ago; if the video is...
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    Ignition Amplifier relocation kit

    That's the one.
  14. p m

    Ignition Amplifier relocation kit

    Come to think of it, I don't have the plastic collar that should prevent the rotor shaft to lift. I should probably install it.
  15. p m

    Ignition Amplifier relocation kit

    Yes. I don't know if it is an original distributor, at 375 kmi.
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    Ignition Amplifier relocation kit

    But I already did, Tom. No more adjustment - can't get it any closer.
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    Ignition Amplifier relocation kit

    Not really. I adjusted it as tight as I could without reluctor wheel hitting the coil due to the play in the shaft. Ordered myself a new baseplate so I could compare.
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    Ignition Amplifier relocation kit

    Well... Updates on converting the ignition to GM HEI-style amplifier: in short, negative so far. A couple of weeks ago I swapped one in my son's 95 LWB. The engine started and ran beautifully. He called me back from different part of town later in the day and said the truck wouldn't start. I...
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    Discovery 1 Lift & Tire Size Recommendations?

    Exactly what it was with my D1.