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    Which is why there are none around.
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    D2 no spark issue

    M & S lights flashing usually indicates low battery voltage.
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    Throttle Body coolant block off?

    Not this again. On my 2000 I had it removed from the cooling circuit and had my T-body freeze up twice. This was low 20's with relatively high humidity. It's really not a good feeling when your throttle doesn't respond.
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    Question about the 3 Amigos "Hummer" mod

    Yes you will have to reset it with something that can read the SLABS module. Some codes thrown are soft codes meaning that they will reset themselves if the issues are ok and the vehicle has reached 12 MPH, Others are hard codes that will need an external reset. Luckily for you there are lots of...
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    Programming a remote

    Foxwell says they do, but they don't. At least my older model wouldn't. I have a newer version but I haven't tried it.
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    Go to Crutchfield and plug in your truck info and they will show you speakers that fit.
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    cruise control delete

    Yank it out and plug any vacuum lines going to the motor. Done.
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    TrueTrac noises

    Wasn't Bill the one doing the slandering of Tom Woods?
  9. rovercanus

    TrueTrac noises

    Bill's full of shit. I've had TT's for years and never had noise coming from them just driving.
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    Fluid sucker, this is not referencing hookers

    Disappointing thread is disappointing.
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    Front output Shaft, Bearing, Flange play, new Driveshafts, axle angles.

    Some things you don't want to use the warranty on. Don't cheap out, get the Tom Woods. The only time I've replaced a centering ball is on a stock drive shaft. Refreshing the 2 Tom Woods driveshafts didn't need centering balls. If you can rebuild a double cardon drive shaft, you can rebuild a...
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    Hey ECP folks!

    I'll get some more pictures next time I'm up there. It would be interesting to see what the big mud pit looks like. People called it Devil's Bath tub.
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    MAF Sensor D2

    There is a Bosch replacement used for VW's that is just the sensor with out the housing. I've used one before. Don't know the part number off hand. I'm sure someone has it.
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    Iphone equivalent apps; TorquePro and AlpineQuest

    So what pronouns do we use for you now?
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    Torque wrench big torque wrench

    I use a 3/4" drive breaker bar and a 4' pipe and jump on it until I'm not angry anymore.
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    Hey ECP folks!

    I do to. They were probably more technical than anything in the area. What I don't miss is the amount of trash and the asshole Jeeps driving up and down the river. I used to take Bobbi and go up there every weekend.
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    Hey ECP folks!

    Remember Dry River? It's been 10 or so years since they've closed the roads. Here's a couple of pictures of the gravel beach on Dry Run Rd. The beach itself is all over grown. The big pool now has a beaver dam and it's quite a bit bigger. The river looks great! I miss the trails back there but...
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    Power steering

    Just make sure you get the rebuilt gearbox. If you buy a new one it will be a generic Chinese box "Guaranteed to fit".
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    Power steering

    I used a genuine pump and sourced a rebuilt gearbox from here...