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  1. JUKE179r

    How do you figure out who is calling you with blocked caller ID?

    Does she have a smart phone or a land line? There is a way to block it even though no caller ID.
  2. JUKE179r

    tie rod ends

    Thanks @mearstrae ! Those look nice!
  3. JUKE179r

    Still chiming after Autologic suspension program

    I don't know on an Autologic. My friend used my Nanocom for his coil changeover. He said the Nanocom's SLABS options made it easy to do.
  4. JUKE179r

    tie rod ends

    Hijack! Anybody got a good link for the rubber boot for the terrafirma tie rod ends? Mine lasted 8 months and they are split all to hell.
  5. JUKE179r

    2003 D2: P0441 Help Replacing Purge Valve

    I can post it but I'm not liable if someone orders the wrong part! I'll find another forum post to copy and paste my list to it. Thanks for that. Found it...
  6. JUKE179r

    2003 D2: P0441 Help Replacing Purge Valve

    I've got a cheat sheet on my iPhone Notes app for Disco 2 replacement parts. I keep updating it as I find new info on these forums.
  7. JUKE179r

    Leveling my Disco (front lower than rear)

    At least your disco doesn't have the ugly Carolina Squat when the ass is lower than the front...
  8. JUKE179r

    D2 air box lid forsale or trade

    Hey @Rolby ... Did you live around Smyrna area? I used to see the only red Disco 2 running around there when I lived in Smyrna.
  9. JUKE179r

    Cooling System Questions

    Can't you use a regular 5/8" heater hose?
  10. JUKE179r

    Alternator Drive Pulley Needed

    oops... my bad. 7 groove pulley 65mm or 53mm? I don't have that part number.
  11. JUKE179r

    Alternator Drive Pulley Needed

    This is what I have for alternator bearings on my Disco parts cheat sheet... - D/E Bearing #1120905510, #BRG6661, #B17-99LLU $8.16 - S/R/E Bearing #1120905525, #BRG62032RS, #6203 $2.24 (The smaller 6203 bearing in 2RS format (2-sided Rubber Seals) is same bearing in 70mm serpentine belt pulley...
  12. JUKE179r

    Cooling System Questions

    The Brits over here swear by Allisport products. I just can't get myself to pay 580 quid for a rad.
  13. JUKE179r

    New Inventory this Week

    Same here for a 4.0 V8.
  14. JUKE179r

    Very Tough to Watch

    Anyone who can sit and talk about Land Rovers while petting a raccoon is pretty bad ass in my book. Mike is the man.
  15. JUKE179r

    D2 Engine Identification on Parts Sites

    Are you searching for air fresheners? lol
  16. JUKE179r

    RESOLVED: Replaced CPS - D2 Won’t start - battery ok, starter ok

    I'm am not one to throw money at a problem but if you never replaced the Crankshaft Position Sensor, replace it now with a Bosch ERR-7354 unit. If that didn't cure your problem, at least you replaced it for a new one since it will eventually go bad. Keep the old CPS as a back up.
  17. JUKE179r

    RESOLVED: Replaced CPS - D2 Won’t start - battery ok, starter ok

    That's what I was thinking too... CPS crapping out.
  18. JUKE179r

    ISO front drive shaft 2003 D2

    Check Lucky 8... Got pics of the blown driveshaft? Curious to see it.
  19. JUKE179r

    Foxwell NT510 with LR & BMW licenses

    That's a steal at $100!!!!! I'll ask my British buddies to see if they want me to buy it for them since I have a US mailing address while in the UK.