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    2017 Discovery Sport HSE showing no consumption in the fuel impact section

    Hi, My Discovery is not showing anything in the “impact on fuel” section on the infotainment. I can see the scale and the convenience consumers that are on but there is nothing on the scale like the car has no such consumption. I took a picture of it. Can you please let me know if your cars are...
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    2017 Discovery Sport HSE 99.9 liters/km at idle

    Hi, I would like to know if all Discoveries show 99.9l/km consumption at idle. I am having some issues with mine and I am not sure this is related to the issues so I just want to know what does it show on your cars. Thanks! Zoli
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    Question on the Discovery Sport 2017 infotainment

    Hi, Thank you for the response! Do you mean sell this one and buy another car? I don’t think that’s feasible right now but I will check the market. Thanks!
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    Question on the Discovery Sport 2017 infotainment

    Hi, i just purchased a 2017 Discovery Sport HSE. I like everything about the car except the infotainment system which is a few years behind what I have seen in other 2017 cars. I am interested if anyone has any idea how to update it to the latest firmware version. It has no wifi or sim card so...