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    Stalling and rough idle

    X2 on the LR specific scanners for this problem as well as others you will encounter. At the very least a generic scanner with live data would be more helpful to figure out what is going on. Could be your IAC or a vacuum leak or something else. You can throw parts at it if you have some laying...
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    Has anyone replaced their A pillars on a D1?

    Well thanks. I will keep that in mind. Just going to keep driving it while I straighten a few things out on my D2, then I will figure out what to do.
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    Has anyone replaced their A pillars on a D1?

    We will see. I will tackle anything mechanical, electrical, or machine work but, I suck at body work. Going to have to farm it out if I do it.
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    Has anyone replaced their A pillars on a D1?

    Sorry. Not sure why the 1st pic posted so many times.
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    Has anyone replaced their A pillars on a D1?

    Sooo. They went to replace my windshield and found that the a pillars are totally rotten on both sides. Don’t know about the top or bottom of the windshield. I didn’t have any interior water leaks. I have been every where in the Disco. There is no rust or corrosion anywhere else. I had visions...
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    R380 differences

    You could always machine it to fit and send it to a company to be coated with something. Probably wouldn’t cost too much.
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    A Better Discovery?

    Lol. Can you imagine what would happen to the electrical grid if 20% of the people were plugging their cars in. It would not be pretty. We would be paying $10.00 a kilowatt.
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    A Better Discovery?

    Yeah. That statement was kind of off the cuff, though I am impressed by the beatings that the brushless motor and electronics take from that crowd. Usually it’s a suspension member that breaks before the electronics. I know that’s really an oversimplification of things.
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    A Better Discovery?

    I know this is taking some liberties, but if they can build a real one that’s half as tuff as my sons RC short course truck, I would buy it. It’s kind of the same technology. Sort of.
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    04 traction control

    Just to add on to what Kennith is saying. I don’t know the procedure for locking an ARB unit but my Taco had an E locker. It always locked when needed but you would have to come to a complete stop to do it. That would mean loosing all momentum if you didn’t already. I tend to like units that are...
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    How many of you would pay $15,000 for a billet Rover V8 block?

    I think the new block is interesting. But I would hate to spend that kind of money only to bolt on those crappy heads and injection set up. I do have a question about the mention of balance that is thrown off by installing an LS. Yes it weighs more, but if you have a better rear bumper with a...
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    Single misfire: valve train inspection

    You could check your cam lift while your in there and look for a collapsed lifter. But the later is usually noisy. Finding a weak spring requires a different tester. Never tried testing springs on a head that had shaft mounted rocker arms.
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    What's your high score in a disco?

    I bought my 96 Disco with about 12?k on it. It was already kind of beat up. Only fixed what I needed to keep it running, not running great , just running. At 243k I sold it. It leaked everywhere but the fuel system. Only left me stranded once when the fuel pump died. My wife’s 94 had 116k and...
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    Favorite RRC Color - Pictures most appreciated

    I am partial to some version of British racing green. I will say that my infrared thermometer said my white work truck was 40 degrees cooler than my neighbors black metal flake truck or the other guys maroon RAM. So there is something to be said for white, and it looks good on a Classic.
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    Disco 95 - Manual Transmission - Hard to Shift into 1st and Reverse

    I must plead ignorance. I know what I know about transmissions but not much more. It’s the one component that I usually take to a professional to have rebuilt. It would be my guess that the synchros are always working to keep the gears meshing. Even if both the input and the output shafts are...
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    Disco 95 - Manual Transmission - Hard to Shift into 1st and Reverse

    Could be your synchro’s. If your clutch is working for the other gears or let’s you put it in a different gear while stopped, then it’s your synchros in the transmission. Try moving the vehicle by bumping it in second and then selecting first or reverse. If you have trouble getting it into any...
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    Welcome to the new DiscoWeb

    The site looks great. Thank you for all your hard work. Forgive my ignorance but is there a place to donate to this site. Again sorry for not really thinking about that part of the site. This site has been great for helping me with my addiction. Lol.
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    who's the clown

    I saw one of those. I think they caught it on fire and drove it off a dock and various other terrible things. I will say that it got me home which was great. Mine was not a diesel or a 5 speed so it wasn’t as durable as the one in the Topgear episodes. Honestly, water crossing more than 2’ deep...
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    who's the clown

    I had a stock height 87 Toyota pick up and was driving back to my house in Tarpon Spring Fl when the “no name” storm hit and I suddenly had the Gulf of Mexico up to my side view mirrors. I made it home with the back floating from time to time but the motor was toast when I finally shut it off...