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  1. fishEH

    Old Timers Unite

    Anyone still talk to Peter Sherman?? I met him once through Thom. I drove past his place today and saw a RRC, D1, and NAS 110 all just rotting away.... :cry:
  2. fishEH

    Old timer thread got me wondering, what Rover got you onto Discoweb?

    Bought a '98 D1 because I wanted something with 4WD. Daily drove it for a long time, then turned it into a trail truck. After that..... - '96 for parts - '96 from my brother that I daily drove - '95 as a project that never took off - '94 that I still have and am rebuilding
  3. fishEH

    Old Timers Unite

    I stopped daily driving a Rover (thank God), got busy with my kids sports, and went back to school. Last time I wheeled my D1 was 2017. Camped out of my Sequoia for 2wks in Colorado though in 2022. Maybe I'll get the D1 back on the road this year.......maybe.
  4. fishEH

    Old Timers Unite

    Ditto, private for me even though I'm apparently and "old timer". Maybe someone will tell me the secrect knock to gain access....
  5. fishEH

    Old Timers Unite

    Unfortunately Thom passed away around 2015 from a sudden brain aneurysm. RIP Muskyman
  6. fishEH

    Gems 4.6 intake on a 3.9 CUX engine?

    Its been about 7 years since I did anything substantial with my Rover. I'm finally dusting off boxes of parts from a CUX engine I'm rebuilding. At some point I grabbed a 4.6 GEMS intake and front cover(I think that where the cover is from?). Is there any way a 4.6 GEMS intake could possibly...
  7. fishEH

    Rear spring dislocation?

    Upper retained and lower cones. 315/75/16 for ref.
  8. fishEH

    Am I really asking about tire sizes?

    You don’t need fender flares to fit 33/35’s if you’re careful and do some moderate trimming to the rear arches front and back. I ran 315/75/16 on stock alloys and 30mm(?) spacers. The tires tucked completely into the wheel wells when stuffed.
  9. fishEH

    Iphone equivalent apps; TorquePro and AlpineQuest

    I finally made the jump to an iPhone and of course none of my stuff works now. Used TorquePro and AlpineQuest for years, and now need to find alternatives. What is the collective using? Keep in mind what a cheap ass I am, so no subscription nonsense.
  10. fishEH

    RockAuto shipping??

    Haven't bought parts (brakes, oil filters, etc) for my non-Rover vehicles in a while. Hopped on and at one point all 5 items in my cart were supposedly shipping from different warehouses. WTF happened? When browsing parts they also don't tell you which parts ship from the same warehouse as...
  11. fishEH

    4.12 gearing on 235/85R16

    Doesn’t everyone have a spare 4.6 in their garage?! 🤣
  12. fishEH

    35s… talk to me

    You can do 35’s fairly cleanly with some modest trimming. You’ll have to limit up travel though. Maybe less if you have 4.5” of lift though. I went from 265/75 to 315/75’s and it was a pretty good jump in capability.
  13. fishEH

    Land Rover snow pics

    Headman headers, Magnaflow cats, and Borla muffler.
  14. fishEH

    Land Rover snow pics

    I miss the sound of this exhaust. :( *probably went a little heavy in the throttle, but the snow was deep and super dry
  15. fishEH

    Land Rover snow pics

    Nothing at the time. Looking back though it was an unfamiliar lake and I had very little knowledge of the ice conditions.
  16. fishEH

    Land Rover snow pics

    Middle of a frozen lake in northern WI at about midnight. Not the brightest idea I’ve had.
  17. fishEH

    Land Rover snow pics

  18. fishEH

    Weird Request

    Yes!!! 🤣 We all need this to happen.
  19. fishEH

    Engine Conversion Kit

    Anybody ever slap a Toyota 2UZ-FE engine in a D1?