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  1. DiscoArt

    Water pumps keep failing.

    Don't know what the deal is but my water pumps keep failing. First one was some cheap Napa pump the other two were Airtex from Atlantic British. About every 6K miles the pumps start leaking out of the weep hole. After the pump #2 I changed the fan clutch and a fan, flushed the coolant really...
  2. DiscoArt

    04 CDL Switch

    I am installing an 04 CDL transfer case in my 02. The 04 T-Case has two CDL switches. Rave doesn't really explain what makes them different. What switch do I use? Both plugs are the same and my truck has only one connector that will connect to a CDL switch.
  3. DiscoArt

    Cometic Head Gaskets?

    I am thinking of getting Cometic MLS gaskets for my engine. It looks like you can order them in different thickness. Any advice on what I should get? They got 0.027, 0.030, 0.036, 0.040, 0.045 and 0.051.
  4. DiscoArt

    Running Lean

    I pulled my exhaust last night and passenger cylinder bank is running lean. There is no carbon inside the exhaust at all. The plugs look all the same and there is no coolant consumption. Now, my exhaust manifold is cracked so I wonder if extra oxygen gets in through the crack and heats up the...
  5. DiscoArt

    Transmission Swap

    I am ready to swap my transmission because the pump is making a funny noise when cold. I am having a hard time finding a low mileage 4HP22 in Colorado but there is a 4HP24 with 60K on it. I realize I'll have to get a 4.6 rear drive shaft but is there anything else? I am getting a CDL T/Case with...
  6. DiscoArt

    ARB Bumper from 02 on 04?

    I have an 02 Disco and thinking of buying an 04 this week. Can I install my ARB bumper from 02 on the new 04? I am just going to have to swap the 02 grill to 04 right?
  7. DiscoArt

    Tire Pressure

    I just got a set of BFG A/T 265/75R16 tires and the shop put 40psi in them. Max PSI on the sidewall is 80. The tires don't look under inflated with 40psi in them. Any recommendations on what the pressure should be for D2?
  8. DiscoArt

    Something broke

    I changed my oil a few days a go and now there is a knock out of the front timing cover when engine is hot. Do cracked oil pump gears knock? I wonder if running the pump dry for a few seconds after the oil change caused the gears to crack? Could it be something like a bad crank pulley? The truck...
  9. DiscoArt

    I see sparks!

    OK, I've be trying to figure why I have a slightly bumpy idle. The compression is nice an even, camshaft looked OK, plugs are new. I tried stock plugs and +4s with no change. The wires are new 7mm Magnecore. Tried a different coil too. Tonight I turned the lights off in my garage and the wires...
  10. DiscoArt

    Slow Disco

    I suspect the cats in my 02 Disco need to be replaced, the truck is way too slow up in the mountains. Going up to Eisenhower tunnel is pretty much pedal to the metal and 55-60 mph at most. Can someone else in Colorado let me know how their truck behaves up in the mountains?
  11. DiscoArt

    Fan Clutch

    Help me decide what fan clutch and fan to get for my 02. My Disco runs hot at idle, it doesn't overheat but the auxiliary fan is always on. The truck has a new radiator, new thermostat, new hoses, new water pump. The engine is not pressurizing so the block is probably OK. I got the imperial...