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  1. gmookher

    Just acquired: Subaru BRZ

    The BRZ is neutral at its limit, transitioning slowly between gentle push and slide, meaning the driver can choose between stability or drift on a whim. Each component feels like it's working in harmony, especially the deceptively modest 200 hp and narrow summer tires. The magic here is that you...
  2. gmookher

    D2- 35's worth the effort vs higher CG?

    So time has come to buy new tires, and I've got 4.11 gears waiting to be installed, while I know I will still be undergeared with a 35, I've wheeled and towed just fine thus far on stock ratio with 33s on the 4.6. I'm in no way against the extra work to make the 35's fit and tuck in, if they are...
  3. gmookher

    Looking to buy a toy hauler RV- anyone have knowledge on brands?

    So we're looking at the Jayco Octane CX, the Stellar, and a few others Need 2 queen beds, ideally something I can pull with a 11,000lbs tow rating, open to 5th wheel or toy, but wanting advice on what leaks, what doesnt what holds up to years in teh sun what roofs suck, whats best insulated, etc...
  4. gmookher

    Wanted: D2 2004 Maya Gold Rear Passenger Doors + Corner Panel

    Wanted: D2 2004 Maya Gold Rear Passenger Corner Panel Just what it says, its a color that was only made in 2004. I want to see if Marty or any of you have one in that color, off a good truck. you can reach me at 928 525 4445, lv msg. I do paypal. Will donate to dweb if part is found, as I have...
  5. gmookher

    Anyone have experience with SIGLA glass?

    Wasnt able to find a website for them, safelite suggests its as good as OE, or Sekurit I'm taking a good look at it before he urethanes it into my M3 any opinions any of you can share or 1st hand history with this brand?
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  7. gmookher

    Land Rover Porn wow I want this truck. grab me a box of tissues Will trade my disco, any of our other cars...
  8. gmookher

    those of you running 35s on a d2 what rims are you using?

    I have these, and want something that will let me fit a 35 in there without loosing too much turning radius they are fine with 33's but I want something that sticks out a tad more. I'm fine trimming fenders
  9. gmookher

    Need pics from Golden Spike-forgot camera

    Me, AJ, Steve, Dean,Mike, Ted and Rob from MIT Auto(great guys) and Jordan from RTE ran the spike but I forgot my camera I'm trying to get folks to put up pics: mine are here for the other two days, I ran metal masher, let the gf drive some, and also ran fins with the noobies good times...
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    Hunted Hunter..
  11. gmookher

    Rabbit Head decapitation. No, I didn't do it..

    We left one of the cars out last night. Looks like someone used it to ambush and kill.. I did see the motion sensor lights on out by the far edge of the driveway last night at 11pm. This morning I found this Go ahead an click forward a few pics.. We have Bobcat, Coyote, and yes, Mtn Lions up...
  12. gmookher

    I'm in Moab from Saturday onwards..

    So I'll be in Moab from this saturday. Anyone else coming early?
  13. gmookher

    delete duplicate

    delete duplicate
  14. gmookher

    Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX

    Used but in great shape, asking $200 included cables, bike mount, 12v adapter(garmin brand) No CD Detailed item info Product Identifiers Brand Garmin Model GPSMAP 60CSx MPN 010-00422-00, 0100042200, 210227829, 900335, GRM0049, GRMGPSMAP60CSX...
  15. gmookher

    Seeking DEAL: Who here sells winch lines and is going to the rally in Moab?

    Looks like recommended service life of synthetic line is like 6 years ish and less if its been abused or shocked. Who here sells winch lines and is going to the rally in Moab? Make a deal and I will buy it from ya versus order online tuesday for friday deliver and pay 2 day shipping, or just...
  16. gmookher

    no more dex cool for my disco..

    I'm doing a fill with PentoFrost sf (without silicates formerly g12) and distilled h2o ■ Audi (after 06/1996 up to 2005); Spec. TL 744 F ■ Jaguar (1997 on) ■ Land Rover Freelander, Discovery, Defender (1998 on) ■ Porsche Boxster, 911, Cayman & Cayenne (1996 on) ■ Saab (2001 on) ■...
  17. gmookher

    Freelander 2 MPG

    who owns one? what MPG are you getting?
  18. gmookher

    Any of you web types good at SEO?

    just what it says, I am looking for some help, not unwilling to pay for it..
  19. gmookher

    Genuine Lug nuts set d2

    Item: ANR3679G Genuine Part In Stock: Yes! Fits:Discovery Series II | '99 - '04 Range Rover 4.0 (P38) | '95 - '02 Range Rover 4.6 (P38) | '95 - '02 qty 23 Lug Nuts $89 shipped. Paypal only Donation to dweb as always for a d2
  20. gmookher

    Any Playful e36 owners? M3 camber questions

    I'm looking to get the attention of another e36 M3 owner who had adjusted camber plates, and is familiar with swapping vs. rotating my hats.