4WD not working


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Apr 20, 2004
LOL. Y'all have gotten soft. Had I asked this question 20 years ago you would have unleashed a shitstorm on me.

I think Kennith would have said STFU and go read the 4x4 bible and get back to us.

Just about ready to do lockers again, and it feels like I've never done it before...
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Apr 24, 2004
Right that is what’s happening. So I should check brakes for a leak and start with rear wheels first?
No. You should either get your codes read or better yet, buy a code reader and read them yourself. I've been using a Foxwell NT520 and have been pretty happy with it.
You will not be able to properly diagnose your ABS faults without the codes. Even if you happened to stumble on the fix, which you won't, you need to be able to reset the faults.