All in One Brake Kit


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Jan 26, 2009
Lake Villa, IL
For those that have gone to 110 fronts, did you use the retainer clips that came with the pads and lock against the pins or use the springs over the pins like in the original setup? Does it even matter?
Use both.??
The springs are so weak it's hard to believe they do much of anything.


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Dec 5, 2013
Ft. Worth, Texas
I think the retainer clips are mainly to keep the pads from rattling around and the springs are to keep the pads from riding the rotor when not braking. Those springs are the old ones from the D1 setup and your right, completely worthless. I have some new spring ordered so we will see if they are improved. It looks like if you use both, the tension from the retainer would hold the pads in place against the pin more firmly than the strength of the spring has to force them out.