Care for HiLift



As with many people out there, my HiLift is a very important tool to me. I use it around the yard as a hand winch as well as on the trail. To date I have always stored it in my garage and when I've gone on the trail it has sat on the floor of the rear-seat area. However, I really don't like having such a large, heavy object in the crew compartment unsecured, and next year my son will be old enough to start going out with me so this will definetly be out-of-the question at that point.

This summer I hope to pick up a rack for my D1 and a mount for the jack is a definite must-have excessory. Here's where my question comes in. As I've mentioned, I've never stored my jack in the elements and after each ride I hose it off, let it dry and put it away in the garage (wich some lube every now and then). However, I see a lot of people with Rovers, J@@ps, etc that appear to leave their jacks mounted on thier racks (or spares, or bumpers, etc) all the time. In a warm, dry climate this is probably not a big deal. On the east cost, however, it's going to get rained on at least two out of every seven days (usually twice that much). So...

Would I still be better off keeping the jack stored away and only mounting it up when I'm going to be on the trail (my guess would be "yes" ) or are these things really rugged enough for year-round exterior storage. If I do store externally what extra maintenance may be required to keep it in good, (mostly) rust-free condition (if it makes a difference, this is a true HiLift, not a JackAll or one of the cheaper imitations)? In addition to just looking really good up there ;) , there is also the benefit of having it at the times you did NOT expect ot need it, so I really am curious what others are doing and what your experiences are.



I have had mine on my roof rack and outdoors for years and have not had any problems, just a little surface rust here and there. Just remember to always spray some lube on the mechanism before using.