D2 interior alarm sensor only enabled in Superlock mode?

Jeff Blake

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May 6, 2016
Pacific Beach, San Diego
I put in two volumetric sensors from another vehicle and enabled them with my programmer. They work great, but only if the vehicle is in superlock mode. This is confusing, because the Owners manual, RAVE manual, and electrical manual make no mention of these two features being related at all. The interior sensors SHOULD be active when the vehicle is locked normally, along with the perimetric sensors.

I confirmed that the volumetric sensors only receive a 12V feed from the BCU on PIN #1 when put in superlock mode.

It sounds like a configuration setting, but there is no such setting.

Any diagnosing ideas?

what I do:
  • sit in vehicle
  • lock it (single press on fob). No horn beep indicates locked successfully (no mislock)
  • wait 15 seconds or until LED on dash stops blinking rapidly
  • do a dance (alarm does not trigger)
  • super lock truck
  • do a dance (alarm triggers)