Heat blowing while a/c is on


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Dec 18, 2010
I was wondering if anyone could help. My wife was out in her 05 LR3 running the a/c. She turned it off and parked to have lunch. She turned on the a/c on the drive home and nothing but hot air. Our previous rover (p38) used to do this and it was the blender motors. Any idea if this is the same issue? The a/c works fine for the rear seat area when on passively.

If it is the blender motors does anyone know where they are or if someone could post a diagram that would be a huge help.



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Jul 23, 2006
how many miles are on your LR3? The lines going to the rear ac tend to leak at the orings and drain the system. chk all of the bolted connections for build up of oil dirty looking