Hi-steer set up


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Apr 20, 2004
St Louis, MO
So...I have decided to make my truck more of a daily driver. I’ve lowered the truck and put radius arms back on. Therefore, I’m removing my three link and hi-steer set up. I’m going to hold on to the three link for now. But I’m going to sell the hi steer. It really needs 4-5” of lift to work properly. It drives fine on the road and is great on trails. It also allows you to run a three link without the SG track rod guard. I’ve driven the truck all over the east hitting trails and driving home with zero issues. Many people on here have seen the truck in action and can vouch for the set up. What’s included;

Custom knuckles
Stainless links
FK rod ends (and spares)
Tie rod ends

Asking $850


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