Idiotic to try 20"x9 ET 30 with 33x12.5 Yokohama MTr's on an LR4 ?


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May 28, 2006
How many "you're retarded" posts can I get for someone (not me) who insists they want to go through the trouble of modifying an LR4 to fit 12.5" wide MT's on 20's while retaining full trail articulation?
Am I the one who's wrong? It sure seems 100% counterproductive to be dead set on 20" wheels, 9" wide, instead of an 18 when the 18 will bolt right on as well as tuck in a not so wide tire ratio.

So this rover shop in Colorado, looks legit but I cannot understand why they aren't talking him into 18's. Just collect the $ for the job I guess and "please" the customer regardless.