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May 21, 2007
I have a pair of barely-used OME front springs. They don't have the manufacturer's tag on them and I want to figure out what model they are. The ARB website is having issues so I can't find any detailed specs on the springs. Absent any markings on the springs, how could I identify what model they are? I have a digital caliper and can measure the rod stock diameter but I don't have a reference point against which to compare. Short of comparing this measurement with a known model, how else might I figure out what I have?

Edit: here are the measurements I took from one spring (recognizing that they can be sold either as a matched pair or PS/DS, and not knowing the origins of this particular set)
  • Height in mm: 375
  • Spring stock diameter in mm (measured in 3 different places): 15.22 / 15.86 / 15.56
  • # of coils = 7ish, depending on how you count them

Edit again: figured it out. They are most likely 2779 D2 front HD. The data correspond to that model according to this useful resource.
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