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Hey Will, a certain Chuck told me you might be interested in this:

I want to sell the entire vehicle, part it out.

Let me know if you're interested!

That Defender looks pretty good. The one in your T4 pic. Are you building that for someone? Or is it yours?
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Hey stew, that’s one I’m building for a customer. I still have my 110, but sold my NAS D90.
I've got an ECU available that will work. If you send me a text i will forward you pics so you can see that it is in very good condition with no corrosion.


Hi all,

I'm new here.
I just bought a 1998 D1 and it wont crank or start. Battery is new but no power coming through fuel pump relay after inertia switch reset done. I later found out that my ECU is bad.

Any body selling a 1998 D1 ECU description: WABCO LAND ROVER 115 17/98 008856... 446 044 043 O.... AMR 5557 DISCOVERY??
Need help here....
Hello Knightspirit,

Very interesting posts. Sorry to be a pest, but I've got a stalled "project" 2001 D2 with lots of aftermarket parts but collecting dust/baking in the sun. Just thought I'd send you a P.M. to see if you're still dong rebuilds.
I can't seem to load pics text me please and I will reply with pic. . I'm to old to figure the stuff out. 641 832 8998. Marc
Hi! Just sent you a message with my phone number. 845-551-9185 Thx, Jaime
85.00 and its your s my friend plus the shpg.... I do thank you for all your knowledge when posting Marc
Hi! Thx for the opportunity. May I see a pic of it first?
Thx, Jaime (Blueboy)
I am needing the ac snowflake witch , rear air switch if it has it the. light panel for ac controls if it is not broken
Hello Will - hope all is well. Will, my 2003 D2's running great no real issues. Have some cosmetics am seeking to address. Here's what I'm seeking:
Bonati Gray passenger door - mine has some dents - all else in working condition- black interior
Drivers side lower seat (black) and need the arm rest
Left side rear lower seat cover - my dogs cut mine up
Left Rear Door Window frame
Hey Will any luck with my list?
some... sorry they have been finishing up my shop this week and I have been swamped. can I send some pics to your cell? if so...number
i am unable to help at this time
Dusting off my 2003 Disco 2, purchased new, and actually using it again!
Hi John saw an old ad for some RRC seats , do you still have seats ?
Hey Will, do you have a 95 Disco drivers seat manual no heater beige in decent shape if you have just the seat that's fine
Hi Will, I purchased a 04 CDL from you about a year ago. Anyway, I am going to remove the 3rd row seats from my D2. I would like to install the storage bins that came on the SE or HSE models. I'm looking for them in black and in very good condition. Have you any of these? Thanks...