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I am looking for an ECU for a manual transmission 1996 DI. I understand there was a recall replacement eprom to address idle issues. This is what I need.
Hey, you should check out AZLRo_Org, we're a great club in AZ and host many outings.. also join our facebook page... just search for Arizona Land Rover Owners

see you soon!
Thanks. I plan to join. I've checked out the website and it looks like a fun group.
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I just picked up a literal barn find 98 Disco that hadn't moved much in 4 years. It has 158K Km on it and has a great interior and remarkably good all original paint. It does have needs, mostly brakes and rust repair in the usual places, especially the rear frame and inner fenders. This is my first Disco, and I'll have a ton of questions here I'm sure. Looking forward to that first real drive.
One person beat you to the punch. Will let you know if he responds today. would rather sell to you since you are in california and shipping will be cheaper for me!

El Ed
El Ed
No problem. I was just trying to help the other guy out. Where in Cali are you?
thanks for replying back.
what size are the Johnson rods? interested if 1.5, thanks, marvin 256 998 2780
how much for the D2 right hand rear corner piece and the expansion tank? thanks, marvin 256982780
Is there any marking on them?
84% interested.
Can't get the damn photo to insert.

Marking on the one that I took a pic was ALT.D2R.L

The other was similar.

I can email a picture.
Would you mind sharing how you got your rig to run around 180 F? I think a lot of folks here would be very interested.

Al S.
Hello all, I'm a recent 1st time disco 2 owner and am looking to outfit my 2004 D2. I'm in the telecom industry here in the USA and needed a vehicle the could climb the steep mountain roads that i sometimes have to traverse in order to reach the cell towers. Am looking fwd to this forum experience.