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Originally Posted by ptschram
They are USED oil heaters! Waste oil is contaminated and a hazardous waste. USED oil is non-haz, non-DOT regulated.

I'm still burning diesel fuel in my salamander. Until propane falls to less than 40% the cost of diesel, it's cheaper and more efficient to burn diesel. I need two more drums and I can buy untaxed diesel fuel for about $1.70/gallon-(WITH free delivery!) and then, heat's cheap.

Lovin' Indian Summer!

Oops used oil furnace. We have ran dry on used oil in years past. At the time we were able to get the oil guy to deliver off road diesel without the taxes. We have a diesel forklift and it uses alot of diesel you see.

The great benefit to us is that we move quick to drain the fluids from our salvageable inventory. Thus keeping the yard clean and us warm.
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