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Originally Posted by emmodg View Post
What exactly do you do with these "fine tools"? I'd feel like an idiot buying a $750 "Big Bad Wolf".
It all comes down to your interests, and how you like to go about things. I'd feel like a dolt spending lots of money on certain things, but others don't.

In a world where most have a kitchen drawer housing a pile of junk and a plastic Eveready, discussing a $50-$75 flashlight is far more crazy than discussing a $279 Bowie; which is a downright bargain if it's any good at all (it's outstanding).

As for the Big Bad Wolf, I can't think of a training excuse for one of those from my own perspective (with a fuller and a "hand-and-a-half" setup the story would be different), but then again, I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers.

Everyone has their "thing". This happens to be mine, and given the big pile of nonsense that is the blade industry, I think it's good to point out a bunch of guys that are actually doing a great job at a reasonable price, and who aren't afraid to push the envelope of design.


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