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Originally Posted by Tugela View Post
If you want it that bad, consider waiting a few years. You'll be able (in theory) to import a complete TD4 Freelander. The first models came out when, 1997? So in 2022 those will be 25 years old (assuming the TD4 was available the first year). The good news is the price of a 25-year old Freelander will be low. The bad news is that a 25-year old Freelander will be in lousy shape. And it will be a 25-year old Freelander. But if that's what you love and that's what you want then go for it. There's no accounting for taste. For reasons I don't understand I still think about buying a P38 sometimes. It's a foolish idea, but something about them appeals to me.
I want a P38. If I find a good example I'm going to try to own it. I have a project right now that's got to be done or close to done before I can do it. I've always liked them. But it would have to be a GEMS truck. Probably try to find a speacial edition like a Callaway.
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