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Just got back from 2 weeks in Colorado in my '94 manual D1. Only real issue was a no start on 2 occasions.

First was at about 12,000ft. Parked at the upper 4wd trailhead for Mt Lincoln. Hiked to the summit and came back down. No start. It would crank fine and the fuel pump was running. Couldn't check pressure at the rail due to no schraeder valve. Reset the inertia switch bit still wouldn't start. Fortunately I turned around and parked facing down the trail before hiking. I was able to release the handbrake, give it a slight push downhill, and pop the clutch to get it started.

Second time was about 20 minutes after pulling into a campground. Went to start the truck to run my air compressor and no start. Waited about 40 minutes and it fired right up.

Any thoughts?
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